Basic Man

Dreaming about you

Anti Clokwise
P-C: Vocals & Guitar 
J-B: Vocals & Bass 
Hugo: Drums

Estilo "Full power rock'n'roll"
Procedencia Portugal - Oeiras
Three guys, one loud guitar, one loud bass guitar, a straight drum beat and a lot of joy. That's what is all about. Some people say we're a punk rock band. Other people say we're too diverse for a punk band. It doesn't matter. We play Rock'n'roll and that's it. Good old rock'n'roll... You may notice an inch of punk and you're not wrong 'cause we have the feeling. You may notice an inch of metal and you're not wrong 'cause we have the power. You may even notice an inch of pop... and an inch of.. . whatever
.... IT'S ONLY ROCK'N'ROLL or the good and for the worst and we fucking LOVE IT!
January 1996 - PC (Vocals + guitar), JB (Bass + vocals) and RK (Drums + vocals). Anti-Clockwise is the name. March 1996 - Anti-Clockwise record the first demo-tape with eight tracks. All songs were recorded at the first take, no guitar overdubs or whatsoever. Pure, honest, filthy rock. 5 June 1996 - The very first gig, at the Johnny Guitar club in Lisbon. Only for close friends. July 1996 - Anti-Clockwise support The Humpers in the Portuguese tour. August 1997- RK leaves Anti-Clockwise and Hugo "The stick" becomes the new drummer. September 1997 - The song "Boot Inside" from the first demo-tape is included in the Punk compilation CD "Chaos in Portugal". January 1998 - Pedro Coelho splits with Mata-Ratos after the recording of the band's CD "Sente o Ódio". March 1998 - Anti-Clockwise head back to the studio and record 4 new songs for the "Give Me" EP (Now sold out). 
April 1998 - The song "Alone" from the 1996 demo-tape is included in the Promusica magazine CD. October 1998 - After a short tour to promote "Give Me", Anti-Clockwise start recording the debut CD at the STS Studio in Lisbon. 
December 1998 - A new contribution for the Promusica CD with the song "I Hate When I Have To Wait". April 1999 - "My TV World", the bands debut CD is released - financed completely by the band themselves! 1999-2000 - Playing and playing and playing. 
November 2000 - New songs recorded at Chaos Studio. A lot of problems with the recording machine and all the tracks in the bin. January 2001 - Three new songs recorded at the STS Studio for the forthcoming single. February 2001 - New single "Waiting For The Chaos" is released. July 2001 - The recording of "Waiting..." video-clip. March 2002 - Anti-Clockwise head over to the UK to play a showcase gig for FiveMilesHigh at Plush* June 2002 - The band records two new tracks "Basic Man" and "Dreaming About You" and film their role for the Portuguese-French co-production "Sans lui. sans elle". July 2002 - "Waiting For the Chaos" is reissued with two extra tracks. Anti-Clockwise support the Dead Kennedys in Portugal.
Give Me - CD Single - 4 tracks - 1998 
My TV World - CD - 15 tracks - 1999 
Waiting for the chaos - CD Single 1 - 3 tracks - 2001
Waiting for the chaos - CD Single 2 - 5 tracks - 2002
Official Web Site www.anti-clockwise.net


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