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Radiohead, concierto en Nimes; Thom Yorke en Madrid 1997



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Radiohead and Underworld celebrated in art
Exhibition announced to showcase rock music sleeves 
Iconic album sleeves by the likes of Radiohead and Underworld are to feature in a new exhibition. 
Cover art created by some of the country's leading designers will feature at the Eyestorm's Bankside Gallery in London. 
Contributors to the show include Stanley Donwood, Reggie Pedro, Jason Kedgley and Simon Taylor, who between them have worked for the likes of Gomez, Radiohead and Underworld. 
The exhibition runs from April 20-May 20. 
RATIO  incluye version del tema de RADIOHEAD, High & Dry. la tercera de las versiones RATIOACTIVAS que tendrá como fin un cd recopilatorio en el que se incluirán todas estas versiones que cada mes nos ofrece la banda madrileña.  Puedes oirla o descargarla en  en o 
The Eraser, el mejor disco de 2006 para Evasión / IndyRock Televisión
El disco en solitario del líder de Radiohead, Thom Yorke, The Eraser, ha sido destacado por el programa de televisión Evasión dedicado a música alternativa y que se emite en la emisora del grupo Vocento, Teleideal. Thom Yorke se ha descolgado con un trabajo en solitario que no pone fin a la banda pero que viene a reivindicar de nuevo a un genio creativo que demuestra en "The Eraser" un talento a prueba de bombas. Sin duda, uno de los grandes discos del año.El programa Evasión emitía un montaje con fotografías de Thom Yorke y la música de The Eraser. Fragmentos de los mejores conciertos del año en España, se encuentran en el programa Evasión emitido en la primera semana de enero de 2006, y que puedes ver aquí, Especial Lo Mejor de 2006, además de una galería de algunas fotos de directos. Una contribución de IndyRock y Evasión a la difusión de la música alternativa. 
Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood trawls the Trojan archive to select his 
personal favourites. Featuring a host of reggae heroes from John Holt to 
Linval Thompson to Lee Perry and many more with exclusive cover design 
by Stanley Donwood and foreword by Jonny himself. 
Release date: 19th February 2007 (Released March 6th in the US) 
'Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller' edita el 19 de febrero, el 6 de marzo en USA, un recopilatorio con sus temas favoritos de reggae El listado de temas es 
'Dread Are The Controller' - Linval Thompson 
'Let Me Down Easy' - Derrick Harriott 
'I'm Still In Love' - Marcia Aitken 
'Never Be Ungrateful' - Gregory Isaacs 
'Bionic Rats' - Lee 'Scratch' Perry 
'Cool Rasta' - The Heptones 
'Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker' - Scientist & Jammy & The Roots Radics 
'Black Panta' - Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters 
'Fever' - Junior Byles 
'Beautiful And Dangerous' - Desmond Dekker & The Aces 
'Dread Dub (It Dread Out Deh Version)' - Lloyd's All Stars 
'Gypsy Man' - Marcia Griffiths 
'A Ruffer Version' - Johnny Clarke & The Aggrovators 
'Right Road To Dubland (Right Road to Zion Dub)' - The Jahlights 
'Dreader Locks' - Junior Byles & Lee Perry 
'This Life Makes Me Wonder' - Delroy Wilson 
'Clean Race' - Scotty 
en 2006....

Thom Yorke ira incluyendo remezclas de los temas de The Eraser en pero estaran poco tiempo...gradualmente y por poco tiempo... 
For anyone who has heard The Eraser, there are some remixes coming. 
I got excited. I've been listening through. I mean. There's some freaky shit. 
They may start appearing soon. Gradually. Briefly. 
Just a taste. And then gone. 
First there is Surgeon's Rmx of The Clock. 
This was the one that made me think, we got to start getting these out. 
I was chuffed he wanted to do it as think he is a MASTER. 
He has turned it into something really hard. And disco. 
Well what i call disco anyhow. 
It made me very proud. 
I hope it gets played in a club somewhere. 
Not that i get out much nowadays. 
Peace to us all during the festive season. 

Radiohead Sets a Challenge at D&AD Global Student Awards 2007  British band Radiohead is sponsoring the debut music videos category at the D&AD Global Student Awards 2007 in support of up-and-coming creative talent. Students from around the world with a passion for directing are invited to create a video for front man Thom Yorke's track 'The Clock' - a song about the demise of the environment. 
In its 29th year, the competition calls upon college and university students across the globe to 'show the world who they are' by tackling live briefs from some of the world's biggest brands. The 32 briefs are set by the world's leading designers, advertising and business professionals and cover a wide spectrum of creative disciplines and industry sectors. This year's roster of sponsors includes brands such as Cobra Beer, Eurostar, Grazia, Ford, Hamleys, Lonely Planet, npower, MTV, Puma, Red Bull, Shelter, and Vitra. 
"Winning a D&AD Student Yellow Pencil and being featured in the D&AD Student Annual is the most effective way for students to stand out from the crowd and make an impression on the creative sector" said Garrick Hamm, D&AD Education Chairman. 

Radiohead en  Amsterdam y Edimburgo, crónica s Tour 06 
Harrowdown Hill  The single is available as: 
1. Harrowdown Hill 
2. The Drunkk Machine 
3. Harrowdown Hill Extended (mx) 
A: Harrowdown Hill 
B: Jetstream 
A: Harrowdown Hill Extended (mx) 
B: The Drunkk Machine 
U.S. 12" 
A1: Harrowdown Hill Extended (mx) 
B1: The Drunkk Machine 
B2: Jetstream 
And also available as two digital bundles exclusively from 7 Digital 
Harrowdown Hill with Jetstream: 
Harrowdown Hill with The Drunkk Machine: 
Watch the Harrowdown Hill video (Chel White)here: 
Early this week UK listeners can tune into Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 music and John Kennedy on XFM to hear Thom in interview and playing tracks that have inspired The Eraser.  On Thursday from 7pm Thom is in session and interview with Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music 
The Eraser entre en el número 2 del Billboard americano
Thom Yorke has entered the US Billboard charts at Number Two with his solo debut 'The Eraser'. 
Radiohead's previous album - 2003's 'Hail To The Thief' -entered the chart at Number Three, while 2000's 'Kid A' entered at One. 
Radiohead are set to headline the V Festival, which takes place between August 19-20 at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire. 

Radiohead go reggae!
No they haven't chilled out, its a tribute album 
Radiohead's classic album 'OK Computer' has been entirely re-recorded, nine years after its original release. 
However fans should not worry, the band themselves haven't tampered with their masterpiece. Rather the record the latest subject of the Easy Star reggae label's cheeky tribute recordings. 
Three and-a-half years ago, the Easy Star Allstars released 'Dub Side Of The Moon', a reggae adaptation of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. And for its follow-up, 'Radiodread', the collective have tackled 'OK Computer'. 
Easy Star's explained: "We wanted to do something that no-one would anticipate, something that would take us to a new place altogether." 
And bandmate Lem Oppenheimer said of the logic behind the project: "Reggae music, born in opposition to colonial oppression, conveys hope in the bleakest moments. Likewise, there is humour and hope in the voices of 'OK Computer''s lyrics, and that's where we found the deepest connections with the reggae spirit." 
Released on August 21, 'Radiodread' features an array of guest vocalists, including Horace Andy on 'Airbag', Citizen Cope on 'Karma Police' and Frankie Paul on'Lucky' .(NME) 
Puedes ver la actuacion y entrevista de Thom Yorke en el programa de Henry Rollins 
You can hear the entire new Thom Yorke CD entitled "The Eraser" at It's the "Album Of The Month". 

Thom Yorke "The Eraser" XL 2006 
El Alma de Radiohead.
por Juan Gallardo - IndyRock
Thom Yorke nos ha dado una buena sorpresa con su primer disco en solitario "The Eraser" un proyecto que ha llevado a cabo de la mano de su eterno productor Nigel Godrich y del que casi nadie sabía nada hasta hace un mes cuando el mismo Yorke lo anunció en la web oficial de Radiohead. En aquel anuncio Thom dejaba claro que había contado con el beneplácito de sus compañeros y que no quería oír hablar de rumores de separación, egos encontrados etc. Especialmente sorprendente porque Radiohead se encuentra en plena grabación de su nuevo disco. El anunció no levantaba grandes expectativas, sobre todo porque decía que había sido una grabación "divertida y rápida", parecía que Thom simplemente se había sacado la espina de editar unas cuantas canciones que no consideraba lo suficientemente buenas para trabajarlas con el resto del grupo. De ahí el increíble impacto del disco, que supera las previsiones más optimistas. Sí, suena a Radiohead, a veces, más o menos, algún eco de Hail to the Thief y de Amnesiac, pero es un disco de Thom Yorke, el alma de Radiohead. Lo primero que choca es que, a pesar de ser un disco básicamente electrónico, toda la música suena con mucha claridad, la voz de Thom sin una pizca de reverberación, creación en estado puro. Desde la canción que le da título al disco "The Eraser" reconocemos los ritmos que martirizan a Thom desde Kid A, los coros casi gregorianos, y las letras increíbles de siempre (Las barreras que no puedes escalar, las frases que no riman ... no hay tiempo para analizar, para pensar bien las cosas, para darles un sentido... solo estás interpretando un papel ... Llovió toda la noche y después todo el día, las gotas eran del tamaño de tus manos y tu cara, los gusanos salían a ver qué pasaba y sacamos nuestros coches del río) Un disco que gana a cada escucha, con algunas canciones que te van a poner un poco a prueba, y otras como "Analyse" que se instalarán en tu corazón para siempre a los 10 segundos de empezar. 

Thom Yorke confirma a IndyRock un disco en solitario en julio
El líder de Radiohead, Thom Yorke, publicará en el mes de julio un disco bajo el títuo "The Eraser". Se trata, según ha dicho el propio Yorke en un comunicado remitido a IndyRock, que no es un disco de la banda, sino compusto e interpretado por él. También señala que no son ciertos los rumores de separación de la banda, que asegura que se encuentra en su mejor mmomento y preparando nuevo material, además de estar de gira. Este disco es producido por Nigel Goldrich, con portada de Stanley Donwood. Será más rítmico y electrónico. "Los ingredientes han estado ahí durante años, y necesitaban ser rematados, y yo me moría de ganas de hacer algo así desde hace mucho. Fue divertido y rápido de hacer". 
Comunicado completo de Thom Yorke
"Esta nota es sólo para decir algo que ha estado rondandome y de lo que no os he hablado. Se llama "The Eraser". Nigel lo ha producido y ha hecho los arreglos. Yo lo he compuesto e interpretado. Los ingredientes han estado ahí durante años, y necesitaban ser rematados, y yo me moría de ganas de hacer algo así desde hace mucho. Fue divertido y rápido de hacer. Inevitablemente es más rítmico y electrónico, pero son canciones, Stanley hizo la, es un disco! No es un disco de Radiohead, como sabeis la banda está girando y escribiendo nuevo material y llegando a un buen momento, por lo tanto no quiero oir basura sobre que si soy un traidor o lo que sea acerca de separación, bla bla...Ok, pues eso es todo, creo que saldrá en Julio y estoy bastante seguro de que alguna XL (gran compañía, n.del t.) lo sacará. 
Con amor, Thom". 

this is just   a note to say that something has been kicking around in the background that i have not told you about. 
its called The Eraser. 
nigel produced & arranged it . 
i wrote and played it. 
the elements have been kicking round now for a few years and needed to be finished & i have been itching to do something like this for ages. 
it was fun and quick to do. 
inevitably it is more beats & electronics. 
but its songs. 
stanley did   the cover. 
yes its a record! 
no its not a radiohead record. 
as you know the band are now touring and writing new stuff and getting to a good space so i want no crap about me being a traitor or whatever splitting up blah blah... 
this was all done with their blessing. and i don't wanna hear that word solo. doesnt sound right. 
ok then thats that. 
i think its out in july and im pretty certain XL are going to put it out. 
love thom 
Radiohead 2nd Amsterdam show cancellation
"Due to an unexpected & sudden family bereavement we are unable to do the show tonight in Amsterdam. We have rescheduled it for Monday August 28th. We 
are extremely sorry to cause such inconvenience & disappointment, & are especially sorry to those who travelled far." 
Tickets for tonight's show are valid for the rescheduled show. Alternatively, fans can obtain a refund from their ticket retailer until 11th June. 

Tour 2006
May 2006 
1 Big Ask Live (Thom & Jonny)  London UK 
6 KB Hallen Copenhagen Denmark 
7 KB Hallen  Copenhagen Denmark 
9 Heineken Music Hall  Amsterdam Netherlands 
10 Heineken Music Hall  Amsterdam Netherlands 
12 Empress Ballroom Blackpool UK 
13 Empress Ballroom Blackpool UK 
15 Civic Wolverhampton UK 
16 Civic Wolverhamptom UK 
18 Hammersmith Apollo London UK 
19 Hammersmith Apollo London UK 
June 2006 
01 Tower Theatre  Upper Darby, PA USA 
02 Tower Theatre  Upper Darby, PA USA 
04 Bank of America Pavilion  Boston, MA USA 
05 Bank of America Pavilion  Boston, MA USA 
07 Hummingbird Centre  Toronto, ON Canada 
08 Hummingbird Centre  Toronto, ON Canada 
10 Salle Wilfred-Pelletier at Place des Arts  Montreal, QC Canada 
11 Salle Wilfred-Pelletier at Place des Arts  Montreal, QC Canada 
13 Madison Square Garden Theatre  New York, NY USA 
14 Madison Square Garden Theatre  New York, NY USA 
17 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Manchester, TN  USA 
19 Auditorium Theatre Chicago, IL USA 
20 Auditorium Theatre Chicago, IL USA 
23 Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA USA 
24 Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA USA 
26 Bayside San Diego, CA USA 
27 Bayside San Diego, CA USA 
29 Greek Theatre Los Angeles, CA USA 
30 Greek Theatre Los Angeles, CA USA 
August 2006 
12 Sziget Festival Budapest Hungary 
15 Rock Oz'Arenes Avenches Switzerland 
17 Pukkelpop Hasselt Belgium 
19 V Festival  Chelmsford UK 
20 V Festival  Staffordshire UK 
22 Meadowbank Edinburgh UK 
24 Marlay Park Dublin Ireland 
26 Rock en Seine Paris France 
28 Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam Netherlands 
Xfm Scotland will be presenting Radiohead in there first Scottish show since 2003 at Edinburgh's Meadow Bank Stadium on Tuesday August 22 2006. 
You can win (or buy if you'd rather) tickets with Xfm Scotland 105.7 - 106.1. Every morning this week listen out for ticket giveaways on the Breakfast Show with Dominik Diamond 6am until 10am or go to for our 
Radiohead y  Morrissey en el V Festival 2006.
Radiohead sera el cabeza de cartel en  Chelmsford el sabado 19 de agosto y en Staffordshire el domingo dia 20 de agosto. Morrissey, Beck, Bloc Party, Kasabian, Paul Weller, Editors y The Ordinary Boys actuaran en el festival Asi como  Keane, Faithless, Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada, The Charlatans, Starsailor, The Go! Team, The Magic Numbers, Sugababes and Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield.Entre los dias 19-20 de agosto en Hylands Park, Chelmsford y Weston Park, Staffordshire. 
New' Radiohead songs Songs from 1988 and 1990 in www. 
Demo :'Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill' / 'Somebody'/'Mr B'/ 'What's That You See?'/ 'Everyone Needs Someone To Hate'/ 'Upside Down'/ 'The GreatestShindig Of The World'/ 'Give It Up'/ 'How Can you Be Sure?'/ 'Life With The Big F'/ 'Keep Strong'/ 'Rattelsnake'/ 'Burning Bush'/ 'Tell Me Bitch'/ 'New Generation' 
Hail to the thief , Letras en español
Unbelievable Truth + Goldrush + Mark Gardener
Stop the world - Zodiac - Oxford - 19 02 2005 
Radiohead y Pulp en la banda sonora de Harry Potter
La música juega un papel esencial en la cuarta entrega de Harry Potter: tras encargar la BSO a Patrick Doyle ( compositor de las músicas de Donnie Brasco, Bridget Jones' Diary, Hamlet y Sense And Sensibility) los productores contactaron con varios músicos de la escena musical británica para crear una serie de canciones especialmente para la película. "Harry Potter y el Cáliz de Fuego". Dos de las tres canciones incluídas en el CD han sido escritas por Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) quien contó con la ayuda de varios componentes de Pulp y de Radiohead ( no sus formaciones completas) para la grabación:   "Do The Hippogriff," "Magic Works" y "This Is The Night" fueron grabadas por Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Jonny Greenwood (RadioHead), Phil Selway (Radiohead), Steve Claydon (Add N to X), Steve Mackey y Jason Buckle. 
Artful Music/Film Festival - first public screening of 'Follow Me Around' a film by, for and about Radiohead (October 21st, re-screened on October 29th) + screening of Faction showreel by Patrick Jones (October 29th). 
Friday October 21st  and Saturday October 29th @ Greenwich Picture House, London. 
as part of ARTFUL, the non-conventional convention which runs until October 31st and includes a music film festival. News, events and more at 
21 Oct : Artful/Greenwich Picturehouse presents: 
ON A FRIDAY an evening by and for Radiohead fans. 
Doors : 7.30pm, programme starts 8pm, including first public screening of Follow Me Around a travelogue documentary by Radiohead fans Nazare & Samuel - with a fans get together (more info to follow - possible DJ/VJ/ acoustic etc sets tbc via the Radiohead message boardies invited). 
29 Oct : Artful/Greenwich Picturehouse presents 
ARTFUL MUSIC FILM MAKERS - cult bands of positivity in visual imagery 
Doors : 7.30pm programme starts 8pm and includes 
FACTION a selection of short films by Patrick Jones and FOLLOW ME AROUND a Radiohead - With more short films to be confirmed for each night. 
Greenwich Picturehouse, 180 Greenwich High Road, Rocklands, London SE10 
Tickets £5 each (available in advance) via 0870 755 0062 or 
FOLLOW ME AROUND (45 mins). (21st and 29th October) is A new short film by Radiohead fans Nazare and Samuel, made with the band's co-operation on the 2002 tour of Spain and Portugal which previewed songs from the album 'Hail To The Thief'. 
When Oxford's fab five play, a united nation of fans travel from all over the world for the shows. Captured atmospherically, are evenings in these lives, shot as a mix of candid, conversational and  backdrop with live footage and band interviews. Just who is following who here? Would Radiohead do it? 
The story of every band is largely defined by having fans... here's one told from a different angle. 
Radiohead appear courtesy of Parlophone Records. 
FACTION (29th October) is a collection of short films, projections and film poems by Patrick Jones; father, playwright, poet, speaker, teacher and film maker. Faction brings all of these factors together. Some were used by Manic Street Preachers (Patrick's brother Nicky Wire is their bassist) on their Lifeblood Tour at the end of 2004. Patrick has developed writing groups, drama workshops, set up projects and so much more - in short he is a national treasure of  positive history. Stark, chord striking imagery with soundtracks by Manic Street Preachers, James Dean Bradfield and Godl Speed Yr Black Emporer. 
War Is Dead - Film poem with music by James Dean Bradfield 
The Absents - There are two sides to every parenthood. Commissioned by BBC Wales / UK film council / Agrin and shown at Wales Film Festival 2004 / BBC 2 Wales. 
Emily - short film/projection for Manic Street Preachers Lifeblood Tour 2004 
Nobodaddy - montage with music by God Speed Yr Black Emporer 
Outro For Live Concert - music : Simple Minds 'Shake Off The Gosts' used at MSP shows 
Fragments - short film/projection for Manic Street Preachers Lifeblood Tour 2004 
The Patricide Elegies - short film poem with music by James Dean Bradfield 
1985 - short film/projection for Manic Street Preachers Lifeblood Tour 2004 
An essential story : 
These are newly announced dates, with more films and their screening dates to be confirmed. The Artful programme changes daily, organically. Artful is an informal, organic event. The Artful Music Film festival is screening at various non-typical locations and these dates will be at the sit or stand - basement bar and cinema of Greenwich Picture house. In true Artful style, these events will develop into completion over the next week or so... 
Travel to the planet's Time Zone, Rocklands: Greenwich Station is approximately 10 minutes by train from London Bridge, or take the DLR from The City or East End if 21st century metropolis views are your thing. (psst, for the Saturday, Greenwich is a lovely day out and there are boats from central London during the day). 
Greenwich Picture House : There will also be an evening of music, film (band videos included) and cabaret on Saturday October 15th - details of which are to follow. 
Bodysong, la pelicula de Simon Pummell, que contiene la banda sonora de Jonny Greenwood sale en DVD en USA 
PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON said about this film:  "I remember seeing BODYSONG and FEELING LIKE I WAS IN A TRANCE...moving, scary and 
hypnotic.  Bodysong is pretty OUT THERE AND pretty SPECIAL." 

Radiohead "I want none of it" para War of Child
Un nuevo "Help" para los niños de la guerra
El 9 de septiembre se cumple el décimo aniversario del álbum "Help" grabado en beneficio de los niños de la guerra de Bosnia. Por este motivo un grupo de bandas y artistas de todo el mundo han decidido grabar un nuevo "Help, A day in the life". Se ha grabado en menos de veinticuatro horas, ya que cada grupo lo hace en lugares diferentes. Entre las bandas se encuentran nombres como Radiohead, Belle &Sebastián, Gorillaz y The Coral. El álbum esta disponible desde el 9 de septiembre en internet y saldrá al mercado el 26 de ese mismo mes. El dinero recaudado será para la organización War Child, que lo distribuye en niños que se encuentran en zonas de conflicto de todo el mundo. 
Descargar cada track desde la red costará 99 pence (peniques). 
La lista de grupos y canciones es: 
Antony and the Johnsons - "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" 
Belle & Sebastian - "The Eighth Station of the Cross Kebab House" 
Bloc Party - "The Present" 
The Coral - "It Was Nothing" 
Damien Rice - "Crosseyed Bear" 
Elbow - "Snowball" 
Emmanuel Jal - "Gua" 
The Go! Team - "Phantom Broadcast" 
Gorillaz - "Hong Kong" 
Hard-Fi - "Help Me Please" 
Kaiser Chiefs - "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" 
Keane and Faultline - "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" 
The Magic Numbers - "Gone Are the Days" 
Manic Street Preachers - "Leviathan" 
Maximo Park - "Wasteland" 
Mylo - (sin cofirmar) 
Radiohead - "I Want None of It" 
Razorlight - "Kirby's House" 
Tinariwen - (sin confirmar) 
The Zutons - "Hello Conscience" 

· Ten years ago War Child released the landmark 'Help' album within one week to raise funds to help the children of the Bosnian war 
· On 9th September 2005, to mark the tenth anniversary of the first 'Help' album, War Child will release 'Help: A Day in the Life' 
· The new album will be recorded and available to download within 24 hours 
· Artists who have given over their time for free to record include: 
Radiohead ~ Gorillaz ~ Razorlight ~ Kaiser Chiefs ~ Magic Numbers ~ Bloc Party ~ Keane ~ The Coral ~ Manic Street Preachers ~ Damien Rice ~ Mylo 
· In the last decade at least 1.6 million children have been killed as a result of wars, and a further 4 million disabled 
· War Child believes that children should never be affected by armed conflict regardless of any justification put forward for it 
· The monies raised by the new record will enable War Child to provide both material and psychological support and rehabilitation to children on the edge of conflict and post-conflict societies through innovative projects across the world. 
On one day in September 1995, 20 of the UK's finest bands and artists went into studios across Europe to each produce a track for Help, the fastest number one album in British music history. That album, recorded for the War Child charity, raised more than £1.25 million to help children caught in the atrocities of the Bosnian war. 
The tenth anniversary of that extraordinary event will be marked by Help: A Day in the Life on Friday 9th September 2005. On that one single day, the artists of 2005 will each record a new track, and help to make history as part of the world's fastest-ever online download album. 
Bands and artists are recording their exclusive tracks from locations all over the world; Gorillaz are recording in Hong Kong, Kaiser Chiefs will have 3 hours to record their track on tour in Berlin, Damien Rice is interrupting the recording of his second album in Dublin, Belle & Sebastian will be making their music in Glasgow and the Manic Street Preachers will be delivering a brand new song from their studio in Wales. Emmanuel Jal - a rising rap star who was once a child soldier in Sudan - is also contributing brand new music. 
In the past ten years, War Child has worked with children and communities blighted by war in several countries including Rwanda, Sudan, Afghanistan, Angola and  Iraq, where drop-in centres in Nasiriyah and Basrah are being rehabilitated in order to provide a safe place for vulnerable street children and help them gain access to education and skills. Some of the most horrific stories of child victims of war come from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In one incident alone last year, War Child prevented scores of child soldiers from being put on transport planes in August 2004 bound for the eastern conflict corridor. 
The album will be available to download at from lunchtime Friday 9th September 2005. Tracks cost 99 pence per download. Help: A Day in the Life will be released on CD on Independiente on Monday 26th September. 
The full list of artists contributing to 'Help: A Day in the Life' is as follows: 
Belle & Sebastian, Bloc Party, The Coral, Damien Rice, Elbow, Emmanuel Jal, Gorillaz, 
Go! Team, Hard-Fi, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane & Faultline, Magic Numbers, Manic Street Preachers, Maximo Park, Mylo, Radiohead, Razorlight, Tinariwen, The Zutons. 
Radiohead han comenzado la grabacion de su proximo album y para seguir la evolucion del mismo sus seguidores pueden hacerlo a traves de la pagina oficial, con fotos incluidas
Radiohead Start Online Diary And Studio Sessions Radiohead have commenced the recording sessions for the follow up to their 
last album 2003's 'Hail To The Thief' and have also started up an online diary letting fans know how work is progressing. 
RADIOHEAD headed into the studio yesterday (August 18) to continue work on the follow-up to 2003's 'HAIL TO THE THIEF'. 
The band announced the plans for their as-yet-unnamed seventh studio album in a posting on their official website 
Singer Thom Yorke said: "We are going into a proper studio on Thursday (for a leettle (sic) while) with 192 faders which is a lot of choice a bit like the supermarket and it may all go off before we get to it so we have to eat quick." 
Radiohead have been recording on and off at their own studio since the beginning of early 2004, but it is unknown how much of that time has been spent working on the new album. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood recently told Billboard: "We don't take time off very well. We're enjoying it still, so why just go home and do nothing?" A statement from the band's management revealed that the group are "putting some ideas together" in the new studio to "see where they want to go with the next step musically".Radiohead are currently without a record contract having fulfilled their commitments with EMI following the release of 'Hail To The Thief'. 
However, their management dismissed recent rumours that Warner Music were lining up to sign the band, saying: "The band (are) not looking for a record company in any way, shape or form. They are out of a contract, but they're not actively looking for another one. They're getting on with doing what they do." 
In another post, Yorke said: "No record contract as such. Any offers? What we would like is the old EMI back again, the nice genteel arms manufacturers who treated music a nice side project (and) weren't (too) bothered about the shareholders." (NME) 
Desde Argentina, Nave India versiona a Radiohead con Creep. 
Thom Yorke y Jonny Greenwood tocaron material nuevo en el concierto que ofrecieron en el Royal Festival Hall de Londres el 27 de marzo junto a la London Sinfonietta 
Members of RADIOHEAD have debuted new material on stage in LONDON tonight (March 27). 
Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke played two tracks together at the Royal Festival Hall with the London Sinfonietta. 
The duo debuted the delicate-sounding 'Arpeggi', which featured ocean-themed lyrics, plus played 'Where Bluebirds Fly', a b-side of 'There There'. Both tracks were specially arranged for orchestra by Greenwood. 
The appearance was part of Greenwood's collaboration with the London Sinfonietta for the South Bank's Ether festival, and saw the guitarist pick a selection of experimental music for the evening. 
The orchestra performed two compositions by Greenwood, 'smear' plus the world premier of 'Piano For Children', along with a series of other short orchestral works. 
The event also witnessed a guest collaboration with the Nazareth Orchestra who injected an Arabic influence not only with their own work, but by joining in 'Where Bluebirds Fly' with the Radiohead duo. 
The programme featuring Yorke and Greenwood, is due to be repeated tomorrow at the Royal Festival Hall./ 
RADIOHEAD singer THOM YORKE is pictured here covered in chocolate for a new OXFAM campaign. 
He joins a host of stars including Chris Martin, Jamelia and Michael Stipe for the new series of 'Ever Felt Dumped On?' photographs to raise awareness for its ongoing Make Trade Fair campaign to reverse the crippling inequalities in the international farming trade. 
All the shots, in which a celebrity is covered in foodstuffs, illustrate the plight of farmers who are systematically 'dumped on' by rich countries. 
Yorke said: "How sweet does your chocolate taste when you know the producer in a country you will never see did not even get paid enough to feed his family? How sweet does it taste when you see the amount of profit a few multinational corporations make on it? 
"How sweet does it taste, exactly, to know our own governments prevent these countries from ever getting off their knees and from ever being able to compete and get PAID, erecting barriers and then DUMPING on them from a great height whilst feigning concern? How delicious is it to know that sweet taste in your mouth is one of slavery, a nice new economic model? 
"As it melts in your mouth, how sweet does your chocolate taste, now you know the suffering that it took to get to you?" 
Other pictures in the campaign see Chris Martin covered in rice, Colin Firth showered in coffee, and corn raining down on Antonio Banderas. To see them all, and to learn more about the campaign, visit (NME) 
 RADIOHEAD guitarist JONNY GREENWOOD is set to appear in the next HARRY POTTER film alongside PULPsinger JARVIS COCKER, according to reports. 
The pair are to make a cameo appearance as a group of witches called the Wyrd Sisters, in 'Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire', reports The Mirror. (NME) 

Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) aparacera junto a Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) en la nueva entrega de Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire. Ian Brown ya intervino en 'Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban' 
El pianista clasico Christopher O'Riley realizara el proximo año su segundo album de versiones instrumentales de Radiohead en el que incluira los temas de Hail To The Thief'. 
Radiohead Go Classical Once Again
Acclaimed classical pianist Christopher O'Riley will be releasing his second album of instrumental interpretations of Radiohead songs early next year, 
and the record will feature his versions of track from the band's last album 'Hail To The Thief'. 
For the full story, go to: 
Tributes To John Peel Flood In  Following the announcement of the death of John Peel, tributes have  started flooding in from all parts of the world with Thom Yorke, Damon  Albarn, Noel Gallagher and James Dean Bradfield all paying their respects  to a unique, indescribably influential and much loved figure in radio  history. 
Radiohead editara nuevo material en formato DVD antes de navidad. Bajo el titulo 'The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time" contendra una serie de cortos realizados durante las sesiones de grabacion de 'Hail To The Thief' 
Radiohead To Release New Material Before Xmas
Radiohead have confirmed that they will be releasing a new DVD in the run up to Christmas entitled 'The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time'. The DVD 
will collect a series of short films made during the sessions for 'Hail To The Thief' and is available for pre-order now. 
For the full story, go to: 
Tom Yorke firma una guitarra para fines benéficos
Con el objetivo de ayudar a las campañas en favor de los refugiados, Tom Yorke ha firmado una guitarra para The Audioscope Prize Draw, donde se puede adquirir junto con otras firmadas por Supergrass asi como discos y otras cosas. 
RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE joined his pals REM onstage at their secret LONDON show tonight (September 15). 
Yorke appeared onstage at the St James' Church halfway through the set to join Michael Stipe on vocals for a version of the US band's 1996 UK Top Five hit 'E-Bow The Letter', Yorke taking the part Patti Smith sang on the studio version. REM had to restart the song after Stipe claimed "I was so excited I fucked up the beginning", before going on to apologise for swearing in church. 

Thom Yorke (Radiohead) hizo una aparicion estelar junto a REM en un show secreto en Londres el 15 de septiembre, junto a Michael Stipe interpreto 'E-Bow The Letter' sustituyendo la parte vocal que en la version original grabada por la banda hizo Patti Smith. 
Ivor Novello Ganadores
International Achievement - Radiohead 
Hail To The Thief - Stipe Steals From Radiohead
R.E.M's Michael Stipe has spoken out about nicking an idea from Radiohead, 
then apologising to Thom Yorke. 
For the full story, go to: 
NME Awards 04
Best Video (supported by MTV2): Radiohead - 'There There'
Best Album (supported by Virgin Megastores): Radiohead - 'Hail To The Thief'

PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON said about this film:  "I remember seeing BODYSONG and FEELING LIKE I WAS IN A TRANCE...moving, scary and hypnotic.  Bodysong is pretty OUT THERE AND pretty SPECIAL." 
Nominaciones BRIT AWARDS.
British Group - Busted, The Coral, The Darkness, Radiohead, Sugababes 
Radiohead's 'Hail To The Thief' was rated at number 10 for the top 40 best albums of the year in Spin magazine. 
'Hail to the Thief' ended up at #83 on Billboard's top 200 selling albums of 2003. 
German magazine "Spiegel" has named 'Hail to the Thief' as one of the most important records of the year. 
'Hail to the Thief' ended up at number 9 in NME's writers' album of the year poll. 
RADIOHEAD terminan su gira 2003 en la misma ciudad donde comenzaron en mayo, Dublin. Desde entonces han estado visitando Usa y Europa presentando su ultimo trabajo 'Hail To The Thief'. El ultimo setlist fue '2+2=5' 'Sit Down. Stand Up' 'Where I End And You Begin' 'Morning Bell' 'Exit Music (For A Film)' 'The Bends' 'Kid A' 'Sail To The Moon' 'Go To Sleep' 'Paranoid Android' 'A Punch-Up At A Wedding' 'Creep' 'Just' 'You And Whose Army?' 'The Gloaming' 'Idioteque' 'There There' 'Pyramid Song' 'The National Anthem' 'A Wolf At The Door' 'How To Disappear Completely' 'We Suck Young Blood' 'Karma Police' 'Big Ideas' 'Everything In Its Right Place' Tras unas vacaciones volveran a la carrereta en el 2004 cuando visitaran Japon y Australia. Tambien hay rumores de que puedan aparecer en el festival Coachella 2004 en California en abril 
JONNY GREENWOOD, guitarrista de Radiohead realizara un album en solitario perteneciente a la banda sonora de la pelicula 'Bodysong', escrita y dirigida por Simon y que se estrenara en diciembre. El album tiene prevista su salida el 27 de octubre 2004 y cuenta con la colaboracion de Colin Greenwood en el tema '24 Hour Charleston'. Los temas del disco son 'Moon Trills', 'Moon Mall', 'Trench', 'Iron Swallow', 'Clockwork Tin Soldiers', 'Convergence', 'Nudnik Headache', 'Peartree', 'Splitter', 'Bode Radio/Glass Light/Broken Hearts', '24 Hour Charleston', 'Milky Drops From Heaven', 'Tehellet' 
Radiohead consigue por tercer año consecutivo el premio de la revista Q Award "Best Band in The World 
RADIOHEAD y COLDPLAY encabezan la lista de nominados a los prestigiosos MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE  que se entregaran el 9 de septiembre 
Otros nominados son The Darkness 'Permission To Land'/Dizzee Rascal 'Boy In Da Corner/The Thrills 'So Much For The City'  Athlete 'Vehicles & Animals'/Terri Walker 'Untitled'  Floetry 'Floetic'/Soweto Kinch 'Conversations With The Unseen'  Martina Topley-Bird 'Quixotic'/Eliza Carthy 'Anglicana'/Lemon Jelly 'Lost Horizons' 
Radiohead Glastonbury 03, Fotos directo
 there there / 2+2=5 /  lucky / national anthem / talk show host / where i end and you begin / climbing up the walls / the gloaming / no surprises / fake plastic trees / sit down. stand up / go to sleep / sail to the moon / paranoid android / idioteque / everything in it's right place / just / karma police / street spirit 
Hail to the Thief nº 1 en UK y Francia 
consigue vender en solo dos dias 60.000 copias de su nuevo album 'Hail To The Thief' solo en UK, y va camino de convertirse en el album mejor vendido en la primera semana. 

comentario por Juan Gallardo para Indyrock 

Manchester Apolo, 22 mayo 2003
Diario de gira 03 

Miércoles 16 de julio de 2003 - MADRID - Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas 
Las entradas para el concierto se pondrán a la venta a partir del viernes 23 de mayo en todos los puntos de la red Tick Tack Ticket:en todas las tiendas de España de las cadenas FNAC, Tipo y Madrid Rock. 
 Y en Barcelona: Gong, Overstocks, Music World. Girona: La Llibreria. Lleida: Satchmo. Tarragona: Arsis. Alava: Arriaga, Ikatz, Dendaraba. Badajoz: Itaca. Cáceres: Itaca Córdoba: Fuentes Guerra. Granada: Melgamusic, Kiosko Acera del Casino. Guipúzcoa: Bilintx, Musica Autónoma, Bertso Hop. Málaga: Lolly Pop Navarra: Xalbador. Vizcaya: Urrentxindorra, Arise, Power. Zaragoza: Linacero. 
Por Internet en y por teléfono llamando al número 902 888 902. 
THOM YORKE ha descrito el nuevo album de Radiohead  HAIL TO THE THIEF' como  'OK COMPUTER 2' pero añade que espera que en dos años la banda sea completamente irreconocible, que cambie drasticamente " lo espero asi, es la unica perspectiva de futuro con la que puedo vivir" 
FLAMING LIPS hacen una version de  'KNIVES OUT' en su nuevo single de 7 canciones que saldra solo en USA bajo el nombre 'Fight Test EP. Saldra el dia 22 de abril y ademas contendra versiones de Kylie Minogue o Beck entre otros 
Radiohead tour dates:

Jonny Greenwood escribe y produce la musica para la pelicula BodySong, un documental que narra las vicisitudes del ser humano a traves del ultimo siglo y en el que se han usado imagenes clasicas de la historia del cine. La pelicula se presentara  a finales de enero en el festival de cine de Rotterdam  ( 
Radiohead ofrecio a sus fans la noche del miercoles dia 18 de diciembre un webcast de tres horas de duracion como regalo navideño. Colin y Thom ejercieron de DJs ademas de tocar temas  como Punch Up At A Wedding,Walking In A Winter Wonderland, Good Morning Mr Magpie, I Froze Up. La red sin embargo no resistio la acumulacion y muchos fans se quedaron sin poder conectar con la pagina oficial de la banda. 
Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit,  Mountain View, California .(October 26). 
THOM YORKE played two unreleased songs by his band - as well as a NEIL YOUNG cover - at a rare solo appearance at this year's BRIDGE SCHOOL benefit concert in CALIFORNIA  The star played a seven-song set at the Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre at the fi\rst of two shows aimed to raise funds for the non-profit school co-founded by Neil Young, which works with children with speech and physical difficulties. 
Yorke, dressed in black and switching between acoustic guitar and piano, played new Radiohead songs 'Sail To The Moon' and 'There There', which were regulars in the set on their recent tour of mainland Europe. Both are expected to feature on the band's sixth studio LP, set for release early next year. 
Yorke also played a few of the band's recent classics, but only went as far back as 'Lucky' from 1997's 'OK Computer'. He finished with a version of the Neil Young classic 'After The Gold Rush'. 
The full set was: 
'Everything In Its Right Place' 
'I Might Be Wrong' 
'Sail To The Moon' 
'Like Spinning Plates' 
'There, There' 
'Pyramid Song' 
'After The Gold Rush'
Yorke plays at the benefit's second night tonight (October 27). (NME) 
Radiohead ha ganado por segundo año consecutivo el premio Best Act In The World en los Q Awards que se entregaron en Londres el lunes 21 de octubrede 2002. Thom Yorke  y Ed O´Brien recogieron el premio. 
Los ganadores de los premios de la revista britanica Q de este año han sido:
Best Single: Sugababes, "Freak Like Me" 
Best Album: Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head 
Best Live Act: The Hives 
Best Video: Pink, "Get the Party Started" 
Best Producer: Moby, Moby's 18 
Best New Act: Electric Soft Parade 
Best Act in the World Today: Radiohead 
Q Merit Award: Tom Jones 
Q Innovation Award: Depeche Mode 
Q Inspiration Award: Echo and the Bunnymen 
Classic Songwriter: Jimmy Cliff 
Fotos en
Video en 
An album's worth of unheard RADIOHEAD songs, recorded while the band were still called ON A FRIDAY, has reportedly surfaced online. The songs are thought to have been recorded at the Courtyard Studio in 1991 or even earlier in 1990, thereby pre-dating the band's record deal with EMI the following year. 
NME.COM has heard some of the songs, and while it is unclear if all the songs are authentic, 'Without You' is an early version of the released song, 'Maquilidora'. The other songs are variable in quality, and even more diverse in style. 
The songs are:'Keep Strong' 'Somebody Else' 'I Want To Know' 'I'm Coming Up' 'Jerusalem' 'What Is That You Say' 'Something To Hate' 'I Can't' 'Without You' 'Give It Up' 'How Can You Be Sure' 'Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth' 'Rattlesnake In The Big City' The tracks can be downloaded via the unofficial band website, . (NME) 

BENICASSIM 02 / FOTOS SAN SEBASTIAN-02 / Fotos directo Salamanca
Gira julio/agosto 2002 - Diario de gira por Laurence Boisnard - Reviews, datos... 
Diario de gira en España
- Portugal

NME - july Radiohead interview 
El guitarrista de Radiohead, Ed O'Brien colabora en el nuevo album de Asian Dub Foundation, segun la web oficial ( tambien cuentan con Sinead O'Connor y esperan que el trabajo salga en la primavera de 2003 
THE STONE ROSES, con su album de debut encabezan la lista de los mejores discos de los ultimos 50 años, segun una encuesta realizada por la BBC radio. El siguiente es Pink Floyd' con ''Dark Side Of The Moon'. Radiohead con 'The Bends' (4) and 'OK Computer' (5). The Beatles colocan tres en el top 10 'Revolver' (3), 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' (6)'The White Album' en el numero 10. Nirvana, con 'Nevermind' en el 7, U2 con 'The Joshua Tree' en el 8 y The Smiths en el 9 con 'The Queen Is Dead' 
THOM YORKE was the surprise guest at DJ SHADOW's BRISTOL gig last night (May 19). Shadow is in the UK performing a trio of shows in support of his new album 'The Private Press', which is released on June 3. At last night's gig at the Bristol Academy, Shadow announced he had a "special guest" who would be making an appearance later in the evening.  Towards the end of his set, Yorke came on to the stage and performed the song 'Rabbit In Your Headlights'. The track doesn't feature on either of Shadow's solo albums, instead on the 1998 UNKLE album 'Psyence Fiction', on which the pair collaborated. Speaking recently to NME.COM, Shadow, who played with Radiohead on some dates on their 'OK Computer' tour, said he remains a big fan of the group. He revealed: "That would be amazing if they did ask me to work on something. They routinely ask me to tour with them, but the timing always seems to be wrong. Hopefully they haven't given up on me yet because I'd really like to do something with them. I'm an unequivocal fan of that group." (NME) 
Radiohead han sido premiados en los premios Irish Music en la categoria de Live Gig by an International Act por su actuacion en Belfast's Odyssey. 
Radiohead entre los artistas mas influyentes de los ultimos 50 años segun la revista NME. la lista es 10: Public Enemy 9: U2 8: Paul Weller/The Jam 7: Radiohead 6: Oasis 5: Sex Pistols 4: David Bowie 3: Stone Roses 2: The Beatles 1: The Smiths 
STRUNG OUT ON OK COMPUTER: The String Quartet Tribute to Radiohead 
Gira 2002, fechas confirmadas España /Portugal 
THOM YORKE hace un dueto con Beck en un concierto benefico en LA. Hicieron el tema de Velvet Underground, 'I'm Set Free' En el mismo concierto actuo Eddie Vedder 
Articulo de Andy Yorke: indies Vs Multinacionales.. 
Jonny y  Colin han sido nominados en  Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards - Jonny por  Best Rock Guitar y  Colin como Best Bassist ( No consiguen ninguna de las dos categorias. 
Best Recording Package (Grammy awards 2001)

Amnesiac (Special Limited Edition)  Stanley Donwood & Tchocky, art directors (Radiohead)
En la categoria de Best Alternative Album y Productor del año, para los que estaban nominados, no consiguen premio. 
RADIOHEAD guitarist JONNY GREENWOOD has contributed to the first BRYAN FERRY solo album in eight years. 'Frantic' is released on 15 April in the UK. Greenwood contributed to the track 'Hiroshima', while other collaborators include Brian Eno, who supplies backing vocals and keyboards on new song 'I Thought'. 
The album from the former Roxy Music star also includes covers of two Bob Dylan tracks, 'Dont Think Twice (It's Alright)' and 'Its All Over Now Baby Blue'. 
The tracklisting runs:
'It's All Over Now Baby Blue' 'Cruel' 'Goin' Down' 'Goddess of Love' 'Don't Think Twice (It's Alright)' 'Nobody Loves Me' 'Ja Hun Hons Pris' 'Fool For Love' 'Goodnight Irene' 'Hiroshima' 'San Simeon' 'One Way Love' 'I Thought' Ferry will tour in June. 
Best Music Video - Radiohead, 'Pyramid Song' Ed y Colin recogieron el premio 
Radiohead consigue dos nominaciones en los Grammys, y Nigel Goldrich es nominado como productor del año 
Bob Dylan (Love and Theft) encabeza la lista de discos del año elegidos por los criticos musicales (Village Voice Pazz and Jop critic's poll) the Strokes (Is This It), Bjork (Vespertine), the White Stripes( White Blood Cells), y Radiohead (Amnesiac), completan los cinco mejores del año. 
Radiohead nominados en los NME CARLING AWARDS 2002, mejor banda, mejor album, mejor video Pyramid song y mejor directo 
Référendum de fin d'année du magazine Magic! (n°57, janvier 2002) : Meilleurs groupes ou artistes étrangers : 1er Radiohead - Meilleurs albums : 2ème Radiohead - Amnesiac - Meilleurs concerts : 3ème Radiohead 
Spin magazine, album del año 01SYSTEM OF A DOWN Toxicity (American Recordings) 02 RADIOHEAD Amnesiac (Capitol) The record that asks the question: How much sorrow and pity and scritti politti can dance on the head of a blip? The pied pipers of oblique chic empty the remainder of their hard drive and out comes genius in a baby carriage. Kid A's kid bro went from the piano bar to the laptop laser show, from cradle to grave, from Lake Geneva to the Finland station, all in one lifesaving vocoder moan. JON DOLAN 03BASEMENT JAXX Rooty (XL Recordings/Astralwerks) 04BOB DYLAN Love and Theft (Columbia) 05BJöRK Vespertine (Elektra)
allstarTop 10 Of 2001's Artist Top 10 Lists: 1. Radiohead 2. Incubus 3. Jimmy Eat World 4. The Strokes 5. Bjork and Tool 
Mondo sonoro Numero 2 Amnesiac Radiohead
Indyrock magazine. Disco del año, Gira del año: Radiohead 
Radiohead Brit Awards 2002
Best British Group 
Best British Album (Kid A). The awards will take place at London's Earl's Court on February 20. The awards show will be shown on ITV1 the following night. 
Référendum de fin d'année du magazine Rock&Folk (n°413, janvier 2002) 
- Album de l'année : 1er Radiohead : Amnesiac
- Groupe de l'année : 2ème Radiohead
- Pochette de disque de l'année : 2ème Radiohead : Amnesiac 
- Single de l'année : 4ème Radiohead : Pyramid Song 
- Concert de l'année : 5ème Radiohead 
- Artiste électronique de l'année : 5ème Radiohead
Référendum de fin d'année du magazine Les Inrockuptibles (n°319, du 26 décembre au 7 janvier) :
- Album rock/electro/rap : 1er Radiohead : Amnesiac 
- Single de l'année : 4ème Radiohead : Pyramid Song 
RADIOHEAD are the unlikely stars of 'SMALLVILLE', a forthcoming television series about the early days of KRYPTON orphan SUPERMAN. 
The band feature as the hottest ticket in town on the website for the Smallville Ledger, a local newspaper created by producers Warner Brothers as a promotional gimmick. 
If fans click here, they will be taken to the Ledger front page. Beside a story about the local bank being held up by arch-villain and Superman nemesis Lex Luthor runs a headline reading 'RADIOHEAD'S METROPOLIS CONCERT QUICKLY SELLS'. The story explains how Smallville's "favorite band" sold out a show to help launch new local radio station K-Row in 12 minutes at the LuthorDome. According to the Ledger "fans camped out for days before the seats went on sale" to see the "revered U.K. rock band." 

In the series, which has already begun in the US and is due to be broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK in the New Year, Superman, as plain old Clark Kent, is played by newcomer Tom Welling. The show focuses on his difficult teenage years, spent coming to terms with his extraordinary powers. (NME) 
Amnesiac en el numero 25 de la lista de los 50 discos del año 2001 segun la revista britanica NME. The Strokes encabezan la clasificacion. 
Radiohead's "Amnesiac" is nominated in JAM! Showbiz's best-of 2001 poll, and the group is also nominated for best live act. 
Nuevo video de Radiohead realizado por Johnny Hardstaff con 8 minutos de durancion es una mezcla de los temas Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors y Like Spinning Plates ambos de Amnesiac. El tema del video ronda las relaciones hombre- maquina, biotecnologia y manipulacion genetica.  RADIOHEAD have reworked and amalgamated two tracks from their 'AMNESIAC' album for a specially commissioned video, which has been produced by the company behind APHEX TWIN's 'WINDOWLICKER' and BJORK's 'ALL IS FULL OF LOVE', NME.COM can reveal. 
The short film to accompany the combined version of 'Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors' and 'Like Spinning Plates' was unveiled last night (November 29) as the highlight of the inaugural Projectors Animation Festival held at the Centre For Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. 
It was introduced by Susie Wilson of Picture On The Wall, the Glasgow animation company who provided the computer graphics which are a key element of the film. 
As 'Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors' - backed with images of killer whales swimming in darkness under UV light and sinister, barely-visible figures - segues into Like Spinning Plates', the images grow increasingly strange. A bizarre computer-generated image shows a machine taking shape, with conjoined twins, linked at the waist, spinning at high speed in what appears to be a centrifuge. It culminates with the crying infants' torsos ballooning and their ribs, made of blue-patterned china, emerging through their chests. 
The film, which took four months to make, was directed by relative newcomer Johnny Hardstaff for Black Dog. Hardstaff's work to date has included films for PlayStation and Freestylers, while Black Dog's credits include Aphex Twin, Björk and Kylie Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'. 

There had been some doubt over whether or not Picture On The Wall would be allowed to screen the video, but they were given the green light by Radiohead and their label at the eleventh hour. However, all did not go smoothly, with a fire alarm interrupting the screening forcing the venue to be evacuated. It was resumed after the fire brigade gave the all-clear. At press time, it was unclear when or if the film will be made available for general public consumption. 
'I Might Be Wrong'EP  debuted at #44 on the US Billboard 200 chart.  UK charts at #23  Irish charts at #22 France  est entré directement à la 14ème place 
Radiohead (How To Disappear Completely) se incluye en la pelicula 'Life As A House' 
L'Étudiant lance une collection musicale - L'Étudiant lance une collection de livres dédiés à la musique, MusicBook, forte d'une première livraison de 10 références : Beatles, Björk, David Bowie, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Bob Marley, Madonna, Nirvana et Radiohead. Ces ouvrages, qui se présentent sous la forme d'un "A à Z" sur l'artiste concerné, sont forts de 122 pages et vendus 5 EUR (32,80F). Tirage moyen annoncé : 10.000 exemplaires. La collection est la traduction, explique-t-on à la direction du mensuel, de son récent rachat par le groupe Vivendi Universal. Cette acquisition a abouti à une synergie notamment entre les équipes de l'Express et de l'Etudiant, journal qui s'est déjà imposé dans le domaine de l'édition avec une collection de guides pratiques forte aujourd'hui de quelque 200 références. MusicBook prévoit début 2002 la sortie de 10 autres titres liés à la musique : AC/DC, Manu Chao, Daft Punk, Mylene Farmer, Laurent Garnier, Johnny Hallyday, Noir Désir, NTM, Sonic Youth et U2. 
Strung Out on OK Computer(tributo a Radiohead) Fecha de salida 23-10-2001Tracks: 01 airbag 02 paranoid android 03 subterranean homesick alien 04 exit music (for a film) 05 let down 06 karma police 07 fitter happier 08 electioneering 09 climbing up the walls 10 no surprises 11 lucky 12 the tourist 
RADIOHEAD gana el premio BEST ACT IN THE WORLD en los premios Q AWARDS entregados en Londres  Nigel Godrich gana el  Best Producer 
Radiohead gano dos premios 'International Album' y 'International Band', en los premios de la revista portuguesa Blitz Awards que se entregaron en Lisboa y a la que asistieron Ed y Colin. 
Neil Finn Live Album El nuevo album de Neil Finn tiene previsto su salida el dia 12 de noviembre y ha sido grabado en directo con las colaboraciones de Johnny Marr, Phil Selway y Ed O'Brien de Radiohead y Eddie Vedder de Pearl Jam 

Radiohead en la lista de los mejores 50 albums de la revista britanica Q magazine con OK Computer en el primer lugar y The Bends en el cuarto 
Radiohead nominado para los premios de la revista britanica Q magazine, como mejor album, Amnesiac, mejor productor Nigel Goldrich y como Best act in the world today 
RADIOHEAD have donated £7,500 to help refugees and asylum seekers in their hometown of OXFORD. Oxford-based charity, Asylum Welcome, from the proceeds of their massive gig in the town's South Park earlier in the year (July 7). 
Speaking about the donation, Asylum Welcome chairman Sam Clarke said: "We are grateful to Radiohead and all their fans who made this donation possible. People held in detention don't know why they are there nor how long they will be locked up for. Providing this sort of link with the community will make life better for a lot of asylum seekers." 

Radiohead's manager Julie Calland added: "Radiohead are delighted to be able to help by donating some of the proceeds from their Oxford performance. Like many, they are shocked at the way asylum seekers are treated on their arrival into Britain. As media interest grows, this must be an especially difficult time for both asylum seekers and the visitors from Asylum Welcome. We wish all of them the very best of luck."(NME)

Dotmusic wants you to help find the artist of the year at this year's UK Online Music Awards 01.
The yearly UK Online Music Awards, held on September 27th 01 at Ocean Music Venue, London, highlights the best music sites on the internet and once again dotmusic is hosting the voting.

Vote now for Radiohead.

Radiohead's "Live in Dublin" concert video will have its theatrical U.S. premiere this fall as part of a traveling film festival that will also include documentaries on hip-hop, early punk and electronica. The HIQI Film Series, which kicks off September 14 in New York, consists entirely of music films, documentaries, shorts and videos.
Along with "Live in Dublin," which was filmed November 2000 for an MTV special, the festival will show Radiohead's video for Amnesiac's "I Might Be Wrong." Web site ( HIQI Film Series dates

9/14-27 - New York, NY @ Pioneer Theater 9/21-10/4 - Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Showcase 9/21-10/4 - Atlanta, GA @ Cinefest 9/28-10/4 - Minneapolis, MN @ Sound Unseen 10/5 -11 - Portland, OR @ Clinton Street Theater 10/5-11 - Austin, TX @ Landmark Dobie 10/19-25 - San Francisco, CA @ Red Vic 10/26-11/1 - Chicago, IL @ Landmark Century 

NEIL FINN has confirmed details of a new single, 'HOLE IN THE ICE'. 
The track, released on September 10, is lifted from his current album 'One Nil'. Bonus tracks on the single are live songs, two of which, 'Try Whistling This' and 'Distant Sun', were recorded at St James' Theatre in Auckland, where Finn's live band featured Johnny Marr and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway on guitar and drums. 

Two other live tracks, 'Loose Tongue' and 'Not The Girl You Think You Are', were recorded at the Palace Theatre in London.NME

Radiohead has been nominated for a VH1 Vogue Fashion Award for 'Visionary Video' (Knives Out)

The New York Times 
L.A.'s crème de le crème of the entertainment industry came out in droves for Monday (Aug. 20) night's Radiohead show at the Hollywood Bowl, the final stop on the band's North American tour.

Among those at the show were Heather Graham with Molly Shannon, Brad Pitt with wife Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst, Neil Finn, Badly Drawn Boy (a.k.a. Damon Gough), Danny Masterson (That '70s Show), John C. Reilly (Boogie Nights), and Ben Stiller with his wife Christine Taylor, among others.

A teenage RADIOHEAD fan has collapsed and died at one of the band's shows in the US. 
The group were playing a sold-out show at the Liberty State Park in Jersey City last Thursday (August 16). 
According to a report in the local Jersey Journal News, 19-year-old Jeffrey Maguire collapsed at around 8pm. The fan was pronounced dead at 8:55pm, after being taken to the local Jersey City Medical Center.
According to First Assistant Hudson County Prosecutor Terrence Hull, there were "no signs of trauma" on Maguire's body, nor were there any initial signs of drug use. 

An official cause of death has yet to be confirmed, but sources at the state Department of Environmental Protection, who look after the concert venue, claimed Maguire "suffered from some sort of seizure".(NME)

knives out entro en la lista de singles de UK en el N 13

JONNY GREENWOOD has said RADIOHEAD have written "lots" of new songs for a their next album, and would like to undertake a UK tour in 2002. 
Speaking in a recent webchat with fans, the Radiohead guitarist said that the group had " lots of new songs written" for the follow-up to this year's acclaimed 'Amnesiac' album. He added that the group are in the process of "working out arrangements" for the songs. 
Radiohead have performed a number of unreleased songs as part of their recent tours, with fan favourites including 'Big Ideas', 'Reckoner' and 'True Love Waits'. Of 'True Love Waits', which the band have been playing recently across the US, Greenwood said the band can't decide how to approach recording the track. 

Elsewhere in the chat, Greenwood said that the band were hoping to play more live shows in the UK next year, but warned that "there are no plans after October". (NME) 
Chat Jonny

Radiohead Remixes Playing In Ibiza 

White label remixes of Radiohead's Pyramid Song are taking Ibiza by storm. There are plans to release the bootlegs on a major label by the end of the year.Ananova reports that DJ Jeremy Healy told MTV, "Radiohead isn't what you usually get on the decks, even my decks, but these mixes are something else. Who would've thought they work as dance mixes? Everyone's trying to get hold of them at the moment and they're fast becoming hot property."

THE BANDS THAT ROCK THE CRADLE OASIS, MANIC STREET PREACHERS and RADIOHEAD are amongst the bands that have donated prizes to a charity competition which will take place at this year's CARLING WEEKEND FESTIVAL in READING. 
Reading Festival organisers Mean Fiddler are hoping to raise £120,000 for the Cradle charity at this year's event (August 24-26). The charity focuses on work in the former Yugoslavia to repair the damage caused by ten years of civil war. 
This year, the festival are holding the 'Cradle Tombola'. Based in the main arena at Reading, festival goers who enter the competition have a chance of winning rare or exclusive prizes from bands and musicians.

Prizes donated so far include signed memorabilia from Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, DJ Steve Lamacq and Suede, with back catalogue and now deleted CDs and LPs from Ash, New Order, Radiohead and Oasis. (NME)

"I Might Be Wrong video en

Radiohead nominados en los Mercury Music Prize

RADIOHEAD have made their cartoon debut in a new episode of 'SOUTH PARK'. The episode, entitled 'SCOTT TENORMAN MUST DIE', was recently shown in the US. But UK fans will have to wait to see Radiohead in action on 'South Park'. Channel 4 will screen the episode next year, while viewers of Sky One will be able to see the episode later this year, but until then here's a sneak preview of the show. 
The unlikely collaboration happened after Radiohead contacted Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the duo behind 'South Park', to see if they could design a T-shirt for Radiohead's recent gig at South Park, Oxford. Stone and Parker did come up with a design for the T-shirt, which was on sale at the Oxford gig. Radiohead returned the favour by recording a voiceover for the TV show when they were in Santa Barbara on their recent US tour.

The plot of the episode centres on a ginger-haired character, Scott Tenorman, who tricks Cartman into buying his pubic hair for $16.12. Radiohead are guest stars and play a key role in allowing Cartman to exact revenge on Scott Tenorman. NME

Radiohead  cover of Rolling Stone
Radiohead: Making Music That Matters 
After Thom Yorke hit rock bottom, the most inventive British band of the last decade went on not only to reinvent itself but to nearly reinvent rock & roll as well.

Contest: Radiohead Limited Edition CDs! Win limited (and special) edition copies of Amnesiac and Kid A from Radiohead!

RADIOHEAD, de vuelta en Oxford, cronica y foto

It's Radiohead's New Broadcast The band's first formal U.S. tour in three years is brimming with energy and confidence that reflect a recharged vision.
Radiohead's highs ranged from brilliant to breathtaking Friday at the Santa Barbara Bowl, a performance that reaffirmed the British group's place as the only true rival to U2's position as the greatest contemporary rock band. But the most revealing moment in the more than two-hour concert may have been a 30-second sequence between songs. Lead singer Thom Yorke is normally so stone-faced that it certainly caught your eye when he returned to the stage with a mischievous smile for the second of the group's three encores. He looked out at the enthusiastic crowd and asked playfully if it really wanted to hear some more music. That's like asking a caffeine addict if he really wants that first cup of coffee of the morning. The fans, who had already been on their feet for the entire concert, cheered wildly. What made the moment special was that you could tell from Yorke's upbeat manner that he and the rest of the group wanted to play more tunes as much as the audience wanted to hear them. One reason for excitement on both sides of the spotlights is that this is Radiohead's first formal U.S. tour in three years, and it follows a period of such uncertainty that many wondered if they would ever see the band again. 

....In "Kid A" and "Amnesiac," Yorke reduces lyrics to a series of random images, often distorting or slurring them vocally in ways that add to their abstractness. Similarly Friday, Yorke was sometimes more effective in communicating the nuances of the songs by sidestepping careful clarity for simply pure feeling, as in moments when he employed the lonesome beauty of a falsetto wail. However dark the music, the effect is inspiring and hopeful. The group's musical approach was echoed imaginatively on the video screens at both sides of the stage. Normally, the goal of the screens is to present clear images of the acts to create a greater sense of intimacy in the facility. But the images Friday were frequently as abstract as the music, fading in and out of focus in keeping with the mood of the songs. The goal wasn't to have you better see the performers, but feel the emotional depth of the music. It was a statement of priorities that underscores the originality of the Radiohead's music and its vision. 

Las alabanzas de Radiohead
La Opinion (Los Angeles)
Durante el primer concierto de su gira por Estados Unidos, la banda de Thom Yorke estrenó 'Amnesic' y elevó musicalmente al público con las nuevas versiones de sus temas más clásicos. Jueves, 28 de junio de 2001 WOODLANDS, Texas.-- Radiohead dejó atónitos a todos en esta ciudad con la primera muestra de lo que será su gira por los Estados Unidos. En el Cinthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion de Woodlands, a una hora de Houston, esta banda dejó en claro que no se limita a ofrecer solamente discos ensalzados por la prensa y sus fanáticos, ya que en vivo también son motivo de alabanza.
La banda ofreció un concierto espléndido, de dos horas, en el que ninguno de los músicos dominó arriba del escenario. Sin embargo, en conjunto, hicieron vivir al público una gran experiencia y se mostraron como un grupo "aceitado", esa característica que sólo otorgan los años y la experiencia.
Aunque los escoceses de The Beta Band abrieron el concierto, fueron los ingleses los que se llevaron el espectáculo de principio a fin.
Con Thom Yorke, Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway y los hermanos Johnny y Colin Greenwood, los Radiohead se apoyaron de algunas secuencias e instrumentos poco comunes para montar un concierto de rock, pero el resultado fue óptimo: al final, los más de 20 mil asistentes al evento se entregaron completamente a ellos, y viceversa.
Yorke comprobó en el tablado que es totalmente la antítesis del rockstar: nada de poses al momento de las fotografías de rigor para la prensa, y a pesar de la timidez que lo caracteriza, se mostró amable y entregado a la gente.
Ataviado con una playera que en su pecho decía "Kill All Artists" (maten a todos los artistas), el cantante ofreció al auditorio un total de 22 temas, entre los ya "obligatorios" del grupo y otras sorpresas.
Radiohead no interpretó ningún tema de Pablo Honey, su primer álbum, del que han dicho sentirse un poco avergonzados. Por lo tanto en el inicio de su gira faltó Creep, casi un himno de la Generación X. Aún así, la gente no se inmutó: regalaron temas a placer de Bends, OK Computer, la gran mayoría de Kid A, y algunos de Amnesiac, a la venta desde hace un par de semanas.
Las luces y la instrumentación estaban dispuestas para tener contento a cualquiera, pero fue la música la que sació el apetito musical del público.
Con arreglos que variaron desde acompañamientos con tres guitarras, piano, violonchelo y hasta panderetas, la banda también experimentó sobre el escenario, tocando sus temas de estudio de una manera completamente distinta, e intensamente agradable al oído.
El grupo abrió con National Anthem, y conforme progresaba el concierto, la fuerza también fue en aumento: Knives Out, Morning Bell, No Surprises, I Might Be Wrong e Idioteque salieron de la boca de Yorke.
El público, que no se sentó ni un sólo minuto, hizo regresar en dos ocasiones al grupo al escenario.

La emotividad mayor llegó con Karma Police, Paranoid Android y The Bends, con la que culminaron el concierto. Radiohead sigue de gira por Estados Unidos, ya que aún tienen 20 fechas más por cubrir. A los que ya tienen sus tickets en mano, les espera un gran evento... 

MOJO JUNE 2001 RADIOHEAD - HAPPY NOW? Songs are coming easily, confidence has returned. After the paranoia and angst, Radiohead talks to Nick Kent about Amnesiac, love of music and a way out of the woods.

Radiohead en South Park. Para el dia 11 de julio esta prevista la emision de un capitulo de la serie South Park en USA donde saldran los miembros de Radiohead. el episodio se titula "Scott Tenorman Must Die" 

the sonic sophisticates lower their perceived high brows in order to appear on an upcoming episode of Comedy Central's animated "South Park" series, according to a network spokesperson. In the episode titled "Scott Tenorman Must Die," premiering July 11, the group becomes vital to Cartman's plot to get back at a fellow student who sold him pubic hair the pudgy fourth grader hoped to pass off as his own. 

Ed y Colin en Rueda de prensa en Bilbao 25 mayo 2001 (cronica y foto)
Cronica y fotos Bilbao 

AMNESIAC: LA SOMBRA DE KID A ES ALARGADA, comentario por Juan Gallardo

Radiohead en la Olimpiada de invierno
I Might Be Wrong, el tema de Radiohead sera incluido en la campaña publicitaria de los juegos Olimpicos de invierno de Salt lake City que se celebraran en febrero del 2002.
Radiohead in sporting mood 
By JANE STEVENSON -- Toronto Sun
Radiohead, those Oxford-based art rockers who support the No Logo ruminations of Toronto's Naomi Klein, might let their new song, I Might Be Wrong, be used in ads for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City next February. 
"It's very exciting," bassist Colin Greenwood told The Sun. "It's a charitable organization, so it's a non-fee based sponsorship deal, and it's not going to be tied to any kind of corporate branding. So as long it's free of anything like that it'd be really exciting to have our music together with images for the Winter Olympics. There's images of snowboarding in the ad for the Olympics." 
Greenwood is a fledgling snowboarder who picked up the sport at the Sundance Film Festival. 

"It's very much gentlemen downhill snowboarding. It's all about not falling over and going quite sedately rather than tricks," explained Greenwood. 

Amnesiac No. 2 USA
Staind's "Break the Cycle" (Flip/Elektra/EEG) experienced a 25% sales drop, yet manages to squeak its way past a powerful debut by Radiohead's "Amnesiac" (Capitol) to spend a third straight week atop The Billboard 200. "Amnesiac" sold a smashing 231,000 units, according to SoundScan, besting the band's 207,000 first-week sales total of last year's "Kid A," which opened at No. 1. "Kid A," however, didn't have to compete against a hard rock set like "Break the Cycle," which moved 245,000 units this week.

"Amnesiac" sets a new single-week sales mark for Radiohead, likely due to the fact that the band has once again agreed to make videos -- "Pyramid Song" is in heavy rotation on MTV2 -- and the band will on Monday (June 18) begin a much anticipated North American tour in Texas. "I Might Be Wrong," the first domestic single from "Amnesiac," is No. 27 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart. (Billboard)

RADIOHEAD's THOM YORKE and GREENWOOD brothers, MANIC STREET PREACHERS' JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD and supermodel KATE MOSS were amongst the crowd at THE STROKES' show in OXFORD last night (June 12).

The gig at the limited capacity Zodiac was the first of the much vaunted New York five-piece's first full-scale UK tour. (NME)

Radiohead make big No. 1 chart debut
By PAUL CANTIN Senior Reporter, JAM! Showbiz
Radiohead's "Amnesiac" made an unforgettable debut atop the Canadian album charts, according to sales data compiled by SoundScan Canada. 
"Amnesiac" debuted at number one in Canada with sales of 48,253, well ahead of its closest competitor, the second-place soundtrack to "Moulin Rouge" (16,212). 
In the U.S., Radiohead's showing wasn't quite so overpowering. The album sold 231,469 during its opening week, which landed them in second place behind Staind's chart-topping "Break The Cycle" (244,698).
The numbers suggest Radiohead enjoys a substantially stronger following in Canada. Typically, bands of equal stature in the U.S. and Canada enjoy 10 times their Canadian sales in the States. By that measure, Radiohead should have sold more than 480,000 copies of "Amnesiac" in the U.S.; they managed less than half that number. 

Radiohead performed similarly well last year when they released "Amnesiac's" equally challenging sister-record, "Kid A". It sold 44,365 copies when it debuted at number one for the week of Oct. 8, 2000. 

Radiohead Get Real With 'Knives Out' Video 
Known for abstract animated visuals, art-rockers' new clip will feature singer Thom Yorke. 
Radiohead are working on the video for their next single, "Knives Out," and the clip will feature real human beings for a change.

Following the abstract cartoon "iBlips" from Kid A and the computer-animated video for the U.K. single "Pyramid Song," the band decided to go live action on this outing. Directed by Michel Gondry - who helped Björk achieve her quirky vision in the videos for "Human Behaviour," "Hyperballad" and "Bachelorette," among others - the video features an appearance by lead singer Thom Yorke himself. (Sonicnet)

Amnesiac Nº 1 UK

Pyramid Song est entré à la 19ème place en France

Radiohead cover of Rolling Stone (June 29)

Pyramid song N 5 UK chart(5/20/ 49)

Later....with Jools Holland (BBC)
RADIOHEAD played their first UK show of the year in LONDON last night (June 9) - and enjoyed the live recording of 'LATER...WITH JOOLS HOLLAND' so much they played for an extra half-hour once the cameras had stopped rolling. 
The band's set, primarily based around recent albums 'Amnesiac' and 'Kid A', went out live on BBC2 from 10.30 to 11.30pm, but they then delighted the audience of guests and competition winners by running through another six songs, including recent single 'Pyramid Song' - and NME.COM were there to bring you a full report.
Radioheadhad also performed two songs before transmission began, including a cover of Neil Young's 'Cinnamon Girl'. 
Onlookers, including DJs Steve Lamacq and Marc 'Lard' Riley and TV's Adam & Joe, were treated to the sight of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke in smiling, jokey mood. He dedicated 'You & Whose Army' to "everyone who decides to be a leader - especially when governments aren't really in charge anymore". He also dedicated 'The Bends' to S Club 7 "who like smokin' the weed". 
The band were joined onstage by renowned British musician Humphrey Lyttleton, who reprised his trumpet-playing role on 'Amnesiac''s closer 'Life In A Glasshouse'. (NME)

Cinnamon girl / My iron lung / National anthem / Morning bell / Lucky / Packt like sardines in a crushd tin box /No surprises /Dollars and cents /Life in a glass house /Exit music / I might be wrong /Street spirit /Paranoid android /Idioteque / Everything in it's right place / Pyramid song / Talk show host /You and whose army /How to disappear /knives out / The bends (gracias Irma)

Radiohead to debut brand new songs
Radiohead will debut at least two brand new songs during their upcoming tour in support of their new album, "Amnesiac," the band's Jonny Greenwood told JAM! Music. 
In a telephone interview from his home in Oxford, England, on Thursday, multi-instrumentalist Greenwood said that -- despite having released two complete albums since October 2000 -- the members of Radiohead "have all the songs (for the next record) in our heads." 
"We mull over them and think how they could be done justice to, what is the best way to put them across," Greenwood said. 
Part of that process of figuring out how to put the new material across includes testing the numbers out in front of a live audience. 
"There are a few songs already that we are going to start playing when we get to America and Canada. I don' think they have song titles yet," he said. 
"One of them might be called 'Reckoner.' Maybe. We'll see. It may change again. 'Egyptian Song' (initially known as "Nothing To Fear" and now identified as "Pyramid Song", the first single from "Amnesiac") changed titles." 
Among those orphaned songs mentioned in Radiohead fan circles are "Bombers (Neil Young *9)," "Big Ideas (Don't Get Any)," "C-Minor Song," "I Will," "Innocents Civilian" (described by producer Nigel Godrich at one point as the strongest song from the sessions), "Jonny Scott Walker Song", and "Up On The Ladder."
Greenwood revealed that another unreleased song, "Cuttooth," will surface next month as a B-side to the next British single from "Amnesiac," "Knives Out". (There's no word on whether North America will issue the single, Greenwood said). 
 Canadian tour dates:

6/24 - Vancouver, BC, Thunderbird Stadium 8/3: Toronto, Molson Park 8/5: Montreal, Park Jean Drapeu 

Anyone Can Play Radiohead : A Tribute To Radiohead June 2001
Perhaps no other act in modern pop history has so convincingly combined the oil and water achievements of being platinum-selling rock stars as well as media darlings with absolute artistic integrity like the British avant-masters, Radiohead. This smart, thoughtful tribute is not only a bold new step for Cleopatra Records, but stands to redefine the tribute album by virtue of its stunning variety while still appealing to fans of these widely acclaimed saviors of rock. Contributions span the genre spectrum including a melodic Brit-pop rendering of the spoken-word piece Fitter Happier, a moving debut from shoegaze artists October Hill, an electro-ambient treatment of the Gen-X anthem ?Creep? along with industrial offerings from The Illuminati and Meegs Rascoon.
Anyone Can Play Radiohead is an ironic play on words, yet the performances turned in by this bevy of rising, international talent proves that the spark ignited by the enigmatic Radiohead truly transcends all barriers in the realm of high-quality, meaningful music. 
On June 15th the Underground at Tempest will play host to Cleopatra Records official Anyone Can Play Radiohead record release party. This event will feature album giveaways as well as live performances by October Hill & Silent Gray, both of whom are featured on the tribute. Entrance is $5 for 21+ / $7 18-20. Tempest is located on 7323 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood CA. Band performance begin at 9PM.
Silent Gray - Fitter Happier
Paige - No Surprises
Aleister Einstein Creep
October Hill - Fake Plastic Trees
dot Fash - Stop Whispering
Miranda Sex Garden - Exit Music (For A Film)
Secret Society - Planet Telex
Dragon Style - Karma Police .
Diva Destruction - Climbing Up The Walls
Meegs Rascon & Paul Rivera - Everything In Its Right Place 
The Illuminati - Subterranean Homesick Alien
P.M. Project - Bulletproof...I Wish I Was 
Lunasect - How To Disappear Completely (And Not Be Found)
Anyone Can Play Radiohead will be available in all major music retailers as well as through online retailers such as &
For more information on this release please visit the website of Cleopatra Records, or write to:
Cleopatra Records / Radiohead Tribute
13428 Maxella Ave

PMB 251

La première revue d'Amnesiac dans un magazine français est paru dans Rock&Folk. Le texte de la revue n'est pas très interessant en lui-même mais ils mettent 4 étoiles sur 5 à Amnesiac. 

THOM YORKE has defended accusations that RADIOHEAD's music is "morbid", telling NME.COM that any band accused of being bleak are "onto a good thing". Speaking in an exclusive interview published in this week's NME, Yorke said it "alarming" that our culture avoids anything "vaguely depressing". He said: "The reason you create music or art or write is in order to put things in a way you can possibly deal with it. And death is one of those areas. "But we don't seem to spend much time with it, do we? If you're accused of being morbid or bleak then I'd say you're onto a good thing, 'cos our culture is most fucking desperate culture desperately trying to avoid anything vaguely depressing which is alarming, because what's the result?" (NME)

THOM YORKE & RADIOHEAD FRONT COVER STORY MOJO JUNE ISSUE Nick Kent talks to Thom Yorke and Radiohead - in this extensive interview and finds out what they think of Bono, awards ceremonies amongst other things and why they maybe changing direction. One still instinctively senses Yorke will have to go through some more championship-level bouts of self-questioning and inner torment before Radiohead's sixth album is in the racks. It might end up sounding like a conventional rock record, but it could just as easily end up sounding like Penderecki. Yorke and his cohorts are on a journey. "And if we choose to go off in a new direction and do something different, it's OK if you don't want to come along this time. But we'll probably be returning your way sometime anyway. We'll be getting our guitars out just when everyone else is doing German techno. So don't worry about us!"

Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur RADIOHEAD sans jamais oser le demander...Dès maintenant et jusqu'au 25 mai, posez votre question à Thom Yorke. Les dix plus pertinentes lui seront personnellement adressées, et il se fera un plaisir d'y répondre dans le numéro 53 de magic! (juillet-août)

RADIOHEAD have triumphed at the NME.COM NETSOUNDS AWARDS, scooping the gong for Best Artist Website for

The inaugural Awards, held during the opening day of the second annual NetSounds online music conference at London Hilton, honoured 11 websites.

Algunos seguidores chilenos de Radiohead protestan por la utilización de carteles y logos de la banda, que han sido colocados en fachadas históricas, una práctica que creen no es adecuada para Radiohead. Consideran una falta de respeto pintar logos en fachadas monumentales.
Texto del e mail remitido a IndyRock-Radiohead desde Chile
"Mando este e-mail molesto a Radiohead, desde Santiago Chile.
Para la presentación de el Kid A pintaron las calles de la ciudad con un logo bien simpatico lo encuentro muy bueno como apoyo para la presentacion del disco, pero el sello de radiohead en Chile no se preocupo de donde pintaban este logo y desgrasiadamente lo pintaron en la fachada de nuestro Museo Nacional de Arte, creo que es una falta de respeto muy grande para nosotros y no creo que sea la idea de Radiohead, espero que alguien vea este e-mail y se lo agan llegar al encargado de esto de antemano muchas gracias,

Hugo Canales R. "

SPARKLEHORSE were joined by a special guest DJ as they began a run of three low-key LONDON shows last night (April 9) - RADIOHEAD's COLIN GREENWOOD. 
The bassist span tunes between support act Matthew Jay and the cult US band at the tiny Borderline club - and he'll be joined tonight (April 10) behind the wheels of steel by brother Jonny, before manning the decks himself again at the final show on Wednesday (April 11).
Sparklehorse mainman Mark Linkous is also expected to be joined onstage tonight by another famous pop pal - Portishead's Geoff Barrow is tipped to be joining the band on keyboards. 

Last night's show saw Sparklehorse primarily showcase songs from their eagerly awaited third album, 'It's A Wonderful Life', scheduled for release on June 11 through Parlophone. But the cult US rockers didn't forget their back catalogue, playing a few reworked oldies, including a countrified rendition of 1996 single 'Hammering The Cramps'. (NME)

07/04/01 - Ed O'Brien: NZ Herald
A listen to a four-track preview of Amnesiac, which was recorded during the same sessions for the previous album, indicates the songs are more inviting. While Kid A was a fractured affair, electric buzz and static, the next instalment turns down the experimental factor in favour of melody and, on the likes of the brooding Pyramid Song, something majestic.
"Kid A was such an unemotional record. When we came out it was such a relief and we were kind of instilling our art. It was trip, it was a headspace. I love Kid A. I think it's really great but it's not warm. [Amnesiac] is warm.
"Stanley, who does the artwork with Thom [Yorke], his analogy was Kid A was a bit like you are phoning someone and you get the answerphone at the other end and hear their voice, and Amnesiac is like a conversation on the phone. It engages you."
But if it was recorded at the same time as the previous effort, couldn't this be seen as the second half of a double album?
"Well, it was a matter of tracklisting the first one and seeing what we got left. We tracklist really hard these days, I think it's a real art. For a band like us tracklisting is a massive, massive task. It's the only time we seriously ever think, 'right that's it, I've [expletive] had enough of this'."
So what's it like being in Radiohead, a band often perceived these days as tortured singer Yorke and four relatively normal young men from Oxford?

"I don't know where we are at the moment because we're not touring as much. That's a bit confusing. There aren't as many neuroses. It's not like Meeting People is Easy

Radiohead Previews Amnesiac at SXSW AUSTIN, Texas - One of the most exclusive engagements at this year's South by Southwest music and media conference was Capitol Records' three listening sessions to preview some of tracks from Radiohead's forthcoming album, Amnesiac. The affairs drew writers, poseurs, and even executives from other labels to get a first taste of one of the year's most anxiously anticipated releases. 
During interviews to promote last fall's experimental Kid A, band members said Amnesiac would be more guitar-oriented and straightforward. The six tracks previewed today - "Packt Like Sardines (In a Tin Can)," "Pyramid Song," "You and Whose Army," "I Might Be Wrong," "Dollars and Sense," and "Life in a Glasshouse" - did not entirely fit that description. Ambient and melancholy in nature, the six tracks - not necessarily representative of the entire album - do feature more guitar, but they also find Radiohead continuing to work with synthesizers, polyrhythms, stark production techniques, distorted vocals, and, on "Life in a Glasshouse," New Orleans funeral music with a full brass section. Several of the songs also displayed Eastern and Spanish flavors. 

Amnesiac was produced by the band with longtime collaborator Nigel Godrich. Radiohead will tour to support the album, starting on the West Coast in June, heading to Europe in July, and returning to the United States in August (Wall of sounds)

Bjork/Yorke: No Longer! The duet that was going to make everyone melt in a puddle of their own tears, Bjork and Thom Yorke at this year's Oscars, has been called off. Apparently, the mean, mean people at the Oscars have sliced Bjork's stage time down to a shoddy three minutes. She and Yorke were going to sing Bjork's "I've Seen it All," the duet the two perform on the Selmasongs soundtrack to Lars Von Trier's Dancer in the Dark. That song is six minutes long. Now, why Thom Yorke adds an extra three minutes on to this song, I have no idea, but I do not question such things. So now Bjork will be singing a shorter version of the song by her little lonesome. "I've Seen it All" is up for a Best Original Song Oscar against tracks Bob Dylan, Sting, and Randy New man. Good thing no Steely Dan. The 73rd Annual Academy Awards will be held on March 25 in Los Angeles. Fear not, though, because it was also recently confirmed that the duo would be performing the track together at a private concert to be aired in France June 6 for French Canal TV.(spin magazine)

Nada en los Brit Awards 2001
Radiohead  estaba nominado en las categorias de BEST BRITISH ALBUM  y BEST BRITISH GROUP , pero ambas fueron para Coldplay

Radiohead's Amnesiac Fills In Kid A Picture
Band's upcoming disc, due in June, balances straight-up, experimental tunes. 
Radiohead could just as well call their next album Kid Z.
Amnesiac, recorded the same time as last year's Kid A, finishes what its predecessor started.
"For us, it's actually just giving a complete picture of what we did those two years," drummer Phil Selway said backstage at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. "It was quite an eclectic time for us anyway, so it's just giving the full picture."
Bassist Colin Greenwood said the upcoming disc, which is expected in June, balances more straight-up Radiohead tunes with the experimental spirit of Kid A. 

"It's about 50-50," he said. "It's got more traditional Radiohead-type songs together with more experimental, non-lyrical based instrumental-type stuff as well, and it works as a record in its entirety, which is what we care about. We didn't want to do a double album, with stuff from today as well, because it would have been sort of the boring prog-double album."(Sonicnet)

Best Alternative Music Album Award winner Radiohead was represented by band members Ed O'Brien, Colin Greenwood, and Phillip Selway. "It's a big surprise," said Selway. "We were very excited about going to No. 1 when we were over here at the time and this tops it off. "I don't think it'd be fair to say we don't understand the cultural significance," O'Brien added. "But we're Brits, we don't understand it. But four years ago, we didn't want to come to this and now, it's good to see these things. We're in a very fortunate position and sometimes it's nice to have a bit of a party." 

Radiohead's Capitol album "Kid A" both reached the platinum level in the Recording Industry Association Of America's (RIAA) latest round of certifications and was certified last week for U.S. sales of 1 million copies. (billboard)

Thom is a daddy to a little boy, named Noah, born on the 6th Feb 2001

(Mel from w.a.s.t.e)

NME Awards 2001 Radiohead Best Band

Ed and Phil interview + pics

Ed y Colin estuvieron en el Sundance Festival y en una entrevista declararon que acaban de finalizar las mezclas de lo que puede ser el primer single. Tambien se exibieron algunos temas del concierto de Dublin y algunos de los videos de '7 Television Commercials', blips y versiones en directo de tres canciones de 'Amnesiac' - Knives Out, Dollars and Cents, y I Might Be Wrong. Por ultimo se estrenaron dos canciones grabadas en estudio

You and Whose Army? and Pyramid Song. 

DAMON ALBARN and THOM YORKE are being touted as guest vocalists on the new album from hip hop duo HANDSOME BOY MODELING SCHOOL. 
A spokesperson for Tommy Boy Records insisted that the Blur and Radiohead frontmen were definitely slated to appear on the duo's as-yet-untitled album, although could not confirm whether or not the sessions had yet been recorded. 
Handsome Boy Modeling School are Prince Paul and Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura, who has previously worked with Albarn on the Gorillaz . 
However, Albarn's spokesperson said the suggestions were "completely false," while Thom Yorke's said it was possible, but could not confirm it. 

Handsome Boy Modeling School's debut album 'So...How's Your Girl' featured collaborations with Sean Lennon, DJ Shadow and Del the Funkee Homosapien.(NME)

Radiohead: New Songs at Sundance? It never stops. According to comments from Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke at the Radiohead fansite,, Radiohead's Ed O'Brien and Colin Greenwood are in attendance at the Sundance Film Festival, which kicked off last Thursday in Park City, UT-to "join the Hollywood jetset." Now, no one seems to know just why exactly Ed and Colin will be at the festival, but it might have something to do with the fact that Radiohead music publisher, Warner Chappell, will be hosting a party down at the film festival on Wednesday called "Sounds For Visual Thinkers," which, according to the company's website ( will reportedly have "new music + video" by Radiohead, as well as performances by Überzone, Semisonic, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. And though we're hard-pressed to figure out what role the new Radiohead music/video will play in all of this, we can tell you that Warner Chappell will be webcasting the whole thing. The gig starts at 8 PM. If you go to, there is a link to where the live webcast will be. The music website has reported that two new songs from the band will be played at the soiree, most likely tracks to appear on the band's forthcoming Amnesiac, the anticipated follow-up to Kid A, released in October. And if that's not enough check out the Warner Bros. site at, where you can watch a new video for "Idioteque," as well as other clips from the band. 

(Spin magazine)

Come On Kids... Chilean Radiohead Fans' . Este es un sitio dedicado a Radiohead. Queremos dejar en claro que no es precisamente un fanclub, sino un espacio para reunir a los fans en Chile y proveerlos con información. la dirección es:

Radiohead inner barrier pass, par Laurence

RADIOHEAD have said that they feel "excluded" by UK radio stations, including RADIO 1, for not playing their songs on air. 
Radiohead famously refused to release any singles from recent album 'Kid A'. However, in an interview with the Radio 3 show 'Mixing It', bassist Colin Greenwood claimed that the "demographics" of certain stations mean their music does not get played. 
He said: "I heard the controller of Radio 1 say the demographic for their station is now 14 or 15 to 25 (years old), so I think we are kind of excluded. It is getting harder for our music to be heard. 
"It is the nature of the times we are in. Other artists of considerable stature launched albums in the past few months only to see them drop out of the top twenties and thirties two weeks later."

According to this morning's Observer newspaper (January 7), Greenwood's comments, which form part of a larger interview about the musical influences on their work, are unlikely to be aired. "(NME)

THOM YORKE has revealed that RADIOHEAD made a series of short films based on songs from 'KID A', but they may never see the light of day because of their original decision not to release any singles from the album. 
Speaking on the Radiohead question and answer forum, Yorke said that in retrospect the band "all felt pretty sad" at their decision not to release any singles from 'Kid A'. He said: "It meant the only judgement of our music was being made by critics, which was OK and everything but there is nothing like the excitement of hearing (your music) on the radio. The reason we didn't have any singles was nothing to do with artistic was just the stress of getting into that area at the time was too much, and perhaps too misrepresentative." Yorke added that "half an hour's worth of short films" which are "the best pieces of video that we had ever made" may now never get a public airing as a consequence. He continued: "They didn't fit the format, which is bullshit. It makes me very sad to think that no-one is ever going to see the most beautiful piece of film that was ever made for our music, which was a full-length video for 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' which has me in tears every single time I watch it. Or the digitised fucked-up version of 'Idioteque' live, or the incredibly daft sperm monsters jumping into a pool of blood that went with 'Kid A'." 

Yorke joked that the release of new album 'Amnesiac' later this year would coincide with "singles, videos, glossy magazine celebrity photoshoots, children's television appearances, film premiere appearances, dance routines, and many interesting interviews about my tortured existence". (NME)

about the idioteque video
POSTED BY maxk ON DECEMBER 10, 2000 AT 23:32:55:
it's not a specifically made 'video for the song'. it is part of a performance at air studios which the band filmed early september time this year. they performed about 15 songs there and recorded them for future video/DVD/ whatever. i reckon they've handed the rights already for that over to the record company, who chopped out the idioteque performance and decided to perform an idioteque 'radio' promotion.
there is *no* way the band said "hey, let's do a promotion for idioteque as a 'single' in order to shift more units. yes, we'll make a specific video for it, mr. record company" nooo way. more like the record company repeatedly hassled them to do something until they gave in. perhaps they had some power of veto but realised there were more important battles worth fighting...
and there are!

the band have not wasted 10,000 pounds (the average cost of their last videos) on an 'artistic' video for any of kid a.

RADIOHEAD's THOM YORKE has revealed that when the band confounded critics and went to Number One in the US and around the world with 'KID A' they felt they had turned into THE BEATLES. 
After reeling off each of the countries in which the album took the top spot on its week of release - in so doing putting pay to the belief that they were not interested in any form of commercial success - Yorke described the buzz he got from what they achieved saying "We were the Beatles - for a week." 
Speaking exclusively to Steve Lamacq for broadcast next Wednesday (December 20, 8pm GMT) on his BBC Radio 1 Evening Session the Radiohead frontman also described the feeling behind 'Kid A' as "the idea that we're giving birth to the lifeform that will inherit the earth after we destroy it in about 50 years". The idea is also related, he said, to his feelings about the new millennium, working through "apocalyptic thoughts" he couldn't get out of his head. 
Joining Yorke were bassist Colin Greenwood and guitarists Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien.Drummer Phil Selway was at the birth of his second child. 
The band also expressed frustration at suggestions that they were trying to be difficult with 'Kid A'. 
"When people said we were being difficult - that freaked me out actually," admitted Thom. "We just moved on - I mean, is writing and being creative and being in a band just supply and demand? It was only people in the press who said we were trying to piss people off. " 
Ed added that they were haunted by the phrase "wilfully perverse". 

You can hear the rest of the interview, which finds the band relaxed and self-deprecating discussing why Ed thinks Asian Dub Foundation are the "best live band in the world", about Thom's inspiration for songwriting and on solo albums in the future next week, December 20, 8pm BBC Radio 1.(NME)

EMI France réédite les 8 singles de Radiohead sortis en France : " My Iron Lung EP " (septembre 1994), " High & Dry Planet Telex " (février 1995), " Fake Plastic Trees " (mai 1995), " Just " (août 1995), " Street Spirit (Fade Out) " (janvier 1996), " Paranoid Android " (mai 1997), " Karma Police " (août 1997), " No Surprises " (février 1998).

RADIOHEAD LIVE ON VIDEO Peep our spycams and watch Radiohead perform 'Optimistic' and the brilliant 'Everything In Its Right Place' live
Live performance video streams -- live from London:
Idioteque Optimistic Everything In Its Right Place How To Disappear Completely The National Anthem
Upcoming live audio downloads:
The National Anthem Everything In Its Right Place Morning Bell Dollars And Cents

Radiohead turn down Oakenfold Mix Radiohead have blocked a Paul Oakenfold euphoric trance mix of their The Bends single Street Spirit. The track, which Oakenfold played during his set at Homelands Ireland, will now never see the light of day. Speaking to promote his Travelling mix CD which has just been released on Perfecto, Oakenfold told Irish online magazine; "We were going to release that on Planet Perfecto, but unfortunately the band Radiohead, as far as I'm concerned, don't like dance music so they wouldn't allow us to do it. They would have got the publishing money obviously because its their song. It will now never be released. " 

Oakenfold has released a multitude of remixes for acts in the past including U2, Massive Attack and The Stone Roses. His remix of Even Better Than The Real Thing for U2 famously sold even more copies than the original. On the subject of his prolific remixing career, Oakenfold added; "I like the challenge of taking a track and making it work in a different way. It's always the purists who don't like it. They're always moaning, the purists, you can never keep the anoraks happy." Oakenfold has been confirmed as a guest DJ at Cream, Liverpool for New Year's Eve 2000/2001. Unsurprisingly, Radiohead have not yet announced their NYE plans. ( Q magazine)

Dollar & Cents TOPS ANTI-HIT LIST One of the candidates for the next Radiohead release, this sinister-sounding track, which the band has been performing off and on this year, is built around an ascending bassline not entirely dissimilar to "Shot By Both Sides", the Magazine tune the band has toyed with in concert. "Kid B", anyone? 


Radiohead Realvideo SNL:

JAM! interviews Radiohead

Jonny: "We've got about 13 or 14 songs which we need to edit a little bit, maybe take a couple out, maybe remix one or two, put them in the right order, and then it is done." 

RADIOHEAD and U2 are among the bands reported to have been approached  by former Janes Addiction/Porno For Pyros frontman Perry Farrell to take part in a three day festival in Israel in Spring 2001. Farrell, who co-founded America's Lollapolooza festival, is said to be trying to assemble a bill for a huge event to mark the Jewish Jubilee, a celebration  of "liberty and renewal" which is held every fifty years, to mark the Jewish exodus from Eygpt. The ancient city of Tel Arad is being considered as a possible venue for the festival.(Music365)

l'émission de Lenoir avec Thom Yorke est maintenant toujours disponible sur le site de l'émission :

The Beatles supremacy as the greatest group of all time is being challenged by Radiohead, according to an authoritative survey to be published on Thursday (September 7).  Although the Beatles' 'Revolver' retains the top spot in the new edition of the Virgin All Time Top 1000 Albums, compiled by author Colin Larkin, Radiohead score two album in the top five. 'The Bends' is at number two and the Oxford group's 'OK Computer' is at number four in the survey. Beatles' albums complete the remainder of the top Five, with 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' being nominated in third place and 'The White Album' placed at number five. 

Thom desmiente el supuesto comunicado de Capitol
POSTED BY Thom ON AUGUST 14, 2000 AT 13:54:53:
RE_ capitol press release....
"Kid A represents a natural progression from the multi-platinum Grammy nominated album OK Computer."
***no it doesnt*********
- Limited edition package to include 28 page booklet, plus an additional 12 page booklet hidden inside
****no it doesnt*****
- cd will contain direct link to "Lost Children", a hidden website containing constantly changing radiohead "rarities"
*****no it doesnt******
- band kicks off a 6 week uk/euro tour 1 Sept in south wales and ends in dublin in early october
**YES! 1point so far*****
- us tour will follow in spring 2001
*****says who?*******
- air studios performance - live performance september 4-5 for 200-300 invited guests (band to perform kid a in its entirety)
******not true, no audience. not in its entirety.. this was supposed to be secret you f**ng idiots*******
- webcast - 4 hour webcast at the end of august from the band's studio in oxford (will include live performances, dj sessions, etc)
*****not true. complete lies********
- full lp and promo cd of 1st track "optimistic" will be hand delivered to key alt/rock programmers on 18 Sept worldwide radio date
*******it better not do. there are NO SINGLES**********
- 10" vinyl (double gatefold jacket)
****CORRECT! two points so far*****
- a collection of 40-50 video blips are being produced. these will vary from 15-60 seconds and will feature music from kid a. animation, still photography and live band footage make up the blips and will be used for local/regional video shows, internet and mtv
*****collect them like Pokemon. ***
***what...for more information?***
- world creates a radiohead video -- create a 24 hour channel where the world creates a radiohead video using their own images. kid a would play contiuously behind these images
*****not true. lies.lies.lies.*****
- fans create their own e-cards using audio clips, spoken words and animated images
****maybe true yes but nothing to do with this*****
so then only two points scored. not very impressive is it? stilll could be worse.
what a great way to start the day.

love thom

El grupo Shynola , directores de videos musicales, estan trabajando con Radiohead sin especificar en que cancion, aunque si han comentado estar muy satifechos con el proyecto.  Algunos videos en los que han trabajado son Grooverider, Quannum, Morgan y Cypress Hill.Shynola han trabajado en "all is full of love" , "afrika shox", "teardrop" y Unkle "guns blazing"  y en numerosas animaciones( shynola" (

La gira 2000 termino en Israel con sorpresa ya que tocaron un nuevo tema Alligators In New York Sewers. La nueva cita sera en septiembre con varias fechas en diferentes paises europeos.ver gira en Indyrock + fotos y reviews

Ed et Phil Nulle Part Ailleurs, le 5 juin 2000

Rueda de pensa Madrid 29-5-00

Radiohead's OK Computer came in at #2 on Q Magazine's list of the 100 Greatest British Albums of All Time. The Beatles' Revolver was at the top. The Bends also made an appearance - at Number 35.
Dos video de Radiohead han sido votados como el mejor video en una encuesta realizada por la publicacion Promo y la MTV, la lista es
1. Beastie Boys/'Sabotage/1994/Spike Jonze. 2. Michael Jackson/'Thriller'/1983/John Landis. 3. Aphex Twin/'Windowlicker'/1999/Chris Cunningham. 4. Radiohead/'Street Spirit'/1996/Jonathan Glazer. 5. Aphex Twin/'Come To Daddy'/1997/Chris Cunningham. 6. Chemical Brothers/'Let Forever Be'/1999/ Michael Gondry. 7. Massive Attack/'Unfinished Sympathy'/ 1991/Baillie Walsh. 8. Radiohead/'Just'/1995/Jamie Thraves. 9. Blur/'Coffee & TV'/1999/Hammer and Tongs. 10. Jamiroquai/'Virtual Insanity'/1996/ Jonathan Glazer

Thom Yorke tendra su sitio en internet aun en construccion

Stanley Donwood, Radiohead's resident webmaster and art designer has also just opened his own website, slowly downward

.According to an article in Dutch newspaper "Volksrant", Bryan Ferry (from Roxy Music) is working on a new album which should be released in a few months. He's collaborating with Brian Eno, Dave Stewart and Jonny Greenwood, who, Ferry says, is very good(

The 42nd Annual Grammy Radiohead's video 'Meeting People Is Easy' did not win the Grammy in the Best Long Form Music Video category

Radiohead best band ever

Radiohead han sido nominados a los premios NME en la categoria de best band ever junto a Nirvana, The Beatles, The Smiths y The Stone Roses, asi mismo han sido nominados en la de Best album ever por The Bends

Radiohead special "Amateur Nite" live webcast de radiohead 9 dec 00
New Radiohead Track 
on the Web Radiohead performed a new track, expected to end up on their as yet untitled follow up to 1997's OK Computer (due next Spring) during a bizarre webcast on the official band site ( According to those who were lucky enough to catch it, the event consisted of lead singer Thom Yorke playing records and dancing, while various people held up signs. Towards the end, however, the band performed a live version of the melancholy track "Knives Out," which, of course, was instantly copied onto sound files. If you're not concerned with perfect sound quality, you can hear the track at (lyrics)
Radiohead Stretch Experimentation For Fourth Album

Rabbits turn on to Radiohead
Calgary Sun- It remains to be seen what albums from the 1990s will still stand out in 10 years time, but chances are Radiohead's OK Computer will be one of them. 
While it's the perfect album to sit and listen to with headphones on, it's generally not regarded as a very good dance record. 
Denise Clarke disagrees. 
"It's actually quite brilliant to dance to," says the choreographer and One Yellow Rabbit artistic associate, who has turned the album into a "physical lecture" piece called Radioheaded. 
Clarke admits she has always wanted to create a dance piece based on her favourite albums, but always thought better of it. 
"All choreographers want to put on their favourite music and dance to it," Clarke says, "but you quickly learn that that's 'gooby' and you shouldn't do that and not all theatres are your living room, and it won't translate. 
"There's been many, many albums that I thought would make a gorgeous show, but I've always hesitated. So this is finally the time where I realized this is the one, I'll do it.
"It's a very soulful, beautiful, amusing and melancholic zeitgeist kind of an album." 
The one-hour one-act show is split into two parts. The Lecture, where Clarke waxes philosophical about the album, and The Rapture, where she "displays the CD" in a 53-minute movement piece. 
Radiohead has expressed interest in the project and the five members have been invited to see the show. However, there have been no solid plans made for them to attend.

radiohead Q awards 99
Best Act In The World Today:
Radiohead The Stereophonics U2 REM Blur The Manic Street Preachers Oasis

The Q Awards will be presented on November 3rd at a lunchtime ceremony in the West End of London. Radiohead no gano, el premio se lo llevo Blur

Q-Tip(A Tribe Called Quest) is hoping to collaborate with the Beastie Boys, Radiohead and Eve from the Ruff Ryders on the album, which is tentatively due in November. If the Q-Tip/Beastie Boys collaboration does take place, it won't be the first time they've recorded together: Q-Tip guested on "Get It Together" from the Beasties' 1994 album, "Ill Communication."(MTV)

Eureka Street is the biggest television drama to be filmed in Northern Ireland. A sharp and funny contemporary story starring VINCENT REGAN, DERVLA KIRWAN and SORCHA CUSACK, it follows a group of friends who somehow manage to fall in love, get dumped, beat up people, get beaten up, steal cars and make millions.
RADIOHEAD have written the soundtrack to a new BBC drama series. 
The Oxford band have penned all the incidental music for the adaptation of prize-winning Irish author Robert McLiam Wilson's 1997 Eureka Street: A Novel Of Ireland Like No Other, a four-part series to be aired in September. The soundtrack is purely instrumental.(NME)

Te recomiendo que leas la novela que en España ha publicado Tusquet Ed coleccion Andazas bajo el mismo titulo Eureka Street.

MTV video awad 99 nominations
Breakthrough Video
Busta Rhymes, "Gimme Some More" Eels, "Last Stop: This Town" Eminem, "Guilty Conscience" Fatboy Slim, "Praise You" Korn, "Freak On A Leash" U.N.K.L.E., "Rabbit In Your Headlights" 

UNKLE y Rabbit no ganaron en los premios MTV, como era de esperar.

How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found by Doug Richmond 

Thom E. Yorke from Oxford, London , July 20, 1998 **** watch your back, you never know who's there I found this book pretty inspiring and I could personally relate to some of the content which has happened to me within the past year or so.(

Radiohead Filmmaker Discusses Documentary 
The filmmaker also became one of his own subjects when he taped the group's "No Surprises" video, which he directed. In it, front man Thom Yorke wore a helmet that was slowly filled with water. It makes for a great image in the video, but in Meeting People Is Easy, it's harrowing to watch the singer hold his breath - and his composure - over the course of nearly 50 takes that leave him coughing, sputtering, and near tears by the end.

"He's got an awful lot of pride," remembers Gee. "He's got a very good set of lungs, and he can actually hold his breath for a minute and a half. So when we said, 'OK, you've got to do it for 55 seconds,' he said 'OK, no problem.' And once he set himself up to do that, he couldn't reverse himself. But it was just a horrible thing to do. After each take I was like, 'Sorry, sorry, sorry.' I don't know if anyone will get it, but it's a way of reminding people that the person who makes the film is as much to blame for the nonsense these people have to go through as anyone else."(Wallofsound)

Meeting People is easy number 12 UK charts/ 17/19/20/16/13/16/17/18/19/19/20/25/21/27/27/22/19/35/36/35/ -40
Meeting People is Easy se vend bien aux USA. Dans les charts du Billboard (, Radiohead est 4ème !

Billboard Top Video Sales® Top 10 Positions / Issue Date: July 3, 1999 : 4 (13) Radiohead: Meeting People Is Easy.

Radiohead, insieme tra l'altro agli Oasis e ai Grant Lee Buffalo, dovrebbero partecipare alla realizzazione di un album tributo dedicato agli Smiths; la data di uscita sarà presumibilmente alla fine del 1999. Si parla per il gruppo di tre covers per l'album in questione.Rh Italian

Colin /Sparklehorse/Paris
Colin Greenwood a assisté au (superbe) concert qu'a donné Sparklehorse hier soir (28/9) au New Morning à Paris. 
Je ne l'ai aperçu qu'à la fin du concert. Il quittait le devant du public, précédé d'une jeune femme. Je ne sais pas si il était debout ou assis un peu plus loin sur la droite. Je trouve que les membres de Radiohead sont passés maîtres dans l'art d'assister incognito ou du moins sans être dérangé à des concerts. Il est passé à 1 m 50 devant moi, alors qu'il aurait bien pu quitter la salle par l'autre côté et je n'aurai rien su de sa présence. Il est parti au moment des applaudissements pour le quatrième rappel, et a disparu rapidement..(L. Boisnard)

* Thom ha hecho algunas apariciones publicas en julio, en el Meltdown Festival y en Brixton Academy para ver a Beastie Boys. y en la Zodiac viendo a Sparklehorse. Ed y Colin se dieron la vuelta en el Oxtock98

A documentary on radiohead's 1995 album 'the bends' will be broadcast on BBC Radio 1 in the Steve Lamacq show on Monday February 15th. People in the UK can listen to an interview with Ed. Show starts at 20:00hrs. Documentary is expected to start at 23:15 hrs. 10 Essential Albums of the 90s - Part 3- the fifth in a 10 part series looking at Essential album of the 90s

Following their massive world-wide hit 'Creep', the success of 'The Bends' firmly established Radiohead as fully paid-up members of the "Indiearistocracy" and put a sock in the mouth of critics who had dismissed them as one hit wonders. Guitarist, Ed O' Brien, reveals all about the turbulent times surrounding Radiohead at the time of making 'The Bends' - an important work in its own right it's the album that laid the foundations of 'OK Computer'. Contributors include legendary producer John Leckie, NME Editor Steve Sutherland and Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics.

Waste 15 

Helping Hands From Radiohead's Stickman 
Radiohead's Phil Selway has been filling-up his karmic account. No, not because Radiohead played the Tibetan Festival, but because the drummer is helping to launch a campaign by the Samaritans, a British organization which works with troubled teens contemplating suicide. They've set up booths at the Glastonbury Festival for the past twenty five years, but now they want to spread their involvement to other summer festivals to help counsel distraught fans. Selway has been a counselor for the organization for the past 11 years, manning the suicide hotlines, but until now he has kept his involvement under wraps. According to the BBC, Selway has decided to come out from behind the drum set now because he thinks his celebrity will help the Samaritans reach more people: "When people are having a good time around you and you're not feeling that way out, you can feel even more isolated, especially because you're away from your normal home surroundings, away from your normal network of friends, so there is a festival Samaritan branch." 
"Talking through overwhelming problems and feelings, whatever they are, is a major step in taking some control over them," Selway said in a recent statement. "But finding the right person to open up can be very hard, especially for young people."

Jaan Uhelszki ( The Samaritans

7 TELEVISION COMMERCIALS numero 1 UK video music chart
EP Airbag UK Chart , primera semana 8-9, segunda semana 18-19, tercera semana 29-30 de la lista de albums

The German singles of My Iron Lung, Creep and Anyone Can Play Guitar have just been re-pressed and re-released.

Irma Romero (Rh in Spanish, London) ha sido la ganadora del disco de platino de Radiohead en el concurso del periodico The Times. 

...La placa indica " presented to Irma Romero to recognise sales in the United Kingdom of more than 900.000 copies of the Parlophone album OK Computer 98"


El magazine de Oxford Nightshitf ha publicado la entrevista de Radiohead in Spanish con Phil Selway (Madrid Octubre 97) y fotos del concierto. En la seccion de Gallery han publicado una foto de la Premiere de OK Computer en Barcelona, tambien de Radiohead in Spanish.

Radiohead's Yorke To Go "Coast To Coast" With Space Ghost Thom Yorke
What does it take to score an interview with reluctant Brit-rock demigod Thom Yorke of Radiohead? Apparently, being animated doesn't hurt.
The Radiohead frontman has agreed to appear on an upcoming episode of the Cartoon Network talk show "Space Ghost Coast To Coast" which airs each Friday at midnight.
Yorke, who often leaves interview duties to his bandmates, joins an impressive list of music world luminaries who have visited the show, including Metallica, Beck, Method Man, and Pavement, who were the first band to actually perform on the show (excluding Space Ghost's tuneless sidekick Brak, of course).
Space Ghost Coast to Coast featuring Thom as guest won't be aired until this August. 

Thom Yorke vs. Space Ghost Sources at Capitol Records, have confirmed that Radiohead singer Thom Yorke will indeed appear as a guest on the popular Cartoon Network talkshow, Space Ghost, though the air date is still "months away." Yorke recently shot his segment and now the animation wizards are building an episode around him. We wonder if he'll use his appearance as a forum for further dissing Microsoft boss Bill Gates (whom Yorke has called "the most paranoid man on the planet").(Spin)




'Pioneros en la era de las redes' 
Grabaciones de directo de grupos que marcaron las pautas de la música alternativa a lo largo de dos décadas. 



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