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Daydream Festival en Barcelona Fotos directo +"Off Computer" /12 /6 /08
Radiohead en el Foro del Sol / México
Crónica de un concierto muy esperado Por Alejandra Hidalgo
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Thom Yorke, PJ Harvey Duet Confirmed Kids, your prayers have been answered. PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke have indeed collaborated on Harvey's upcoming album, out this October. Harvey recently told Spin.com that she and Thom share vocal duties on the track, "This Mess We're In," which Harvey said she wrote with Yorke's sweet voice in mind. Thom also sings back-up vocals for two other songs, "Beautiful Feeling" and "One Line," on the as-yet untitled album. Also in the studio with Harvey were long-time drummer Rob Ellis and the Bad Seeds' Mick Harvey. Last week, Polly Jean revealed to Spin.com the names of a few other tracks on the album: "66 Promises," "Big Exit," "Horses," "My Own Private Revolution," "Good Fortune," and "Kamikaze." She also said we can expect a tour to follow the album release in September. In related news, Ms. Harvey recently turned 30 years old. (Spin) 
Bjork Chats About Thom Yorke Collaboration In an online chat Thursday on ArtistDirect, Bjork spoke a bit about a much-anticipated collaboration with Radiohead's Thom Yorke for a track on Selmasongs, the soundtrack to Lars Von Trier's Dancer in the Dark (for which Bjork won the best actress award at this year's Cannes Film Festival). "I sang a duet with Thom Yorke of Radiohead. It's on the soundtrack album for the film [Dancer in the Dark]. It was a gorgeous experience...we spent four days in Spain, singing a few hours a day. It's been a dream of mine for a long time to blend my voice with his. That was lovely!" The song is titled "I've Seen It All," and you will be able to hear it when the soundtrack is released, tentatively in September.(Spin) 
I sang a duet with Thom Yorke of Radiohead. It's on the soundtrack album for the film. It was a gorgeous experience...we spent four days in Spain, singing a few hours a day. It's been a dream of mine for a long time to blend my voice with his. That was lovely!
Bjork gana en Cannes La pelicula Dancer in the dark, de Lars Von Trier recibio la Palma de oro del festival de cannes y Bjork se llevo el premio a la mejor interpretación femenina. En la banda sonora de la pelicula interviene ademas de Bjork , Thom Yorke. 
Björk - Les Inrockuptibles n°242 - entretien JD Beauvallet -
[...] Question : C'est pourtant bien Björk qui chante en duo avec Thom Yorke, de Radiohead. . Björk : Ca faisait des années que je rêvais de travailler avec lui, c'était une ambition que de mélanger nos voix. La difficulté, à la fin, était de trouver la frontière entre le film et sa BO : savoir si la musique tiendrait debout toute seule, sans les images. Quand nous parlions de la musique avec Lars von Trier, nous étions d'accord sur un point : la musique devait représenter l'imagination de Selma, ses rêves et sa poésie. Toutes ces choses qu'elle ne pouvait pas exprimer par les mots. Quand tout va mal pour elle dans le film, quand elle se fait rattraper par la réalité, là, ce sont les mots qui prennent le relais. Ce n'est donc pas un hasard si, dans ses rêves, elle dialogue, par le chant, avec Thom Yorke. Ce genre de choses n'arrive jamais dans la vraie vie. Mais dans un rêve on peut chanter avec Thom Yorke. [...] 
Le film est en compétition à Cannes, présenté le 17 mai : http://www.festival-cannes.fr/cannes2000/vf/allfilms/incompetition/films /films140.html 
POSTED BY Thom ON APRIL 01, 2000 AT 13:07:18:
i havw not worked with Bjork yet. it has not happened yet. alright? its nun of their business im haveing a nice sunny day and gawd help em if they cum a knocking on my door ......
all my love
One of the best kept secrets of Meester Fly is out. Indeed Björk and Thom Yorke of Radiohead are to duet together on one track for the soundtrack album of the Dancer in the Dark film. Meester Fly unable to comment at the moment, so is Björk and Thom! (more infowww.nme.com) 
Bjork and Yorke record duet
Icelandic singer Bjork and Radiohead singer Tom Yorke are collaborating on a song for the soundtrack to Lars von Trier's new film, "Dancer In The Dark," according to the British music publication New Musical Express. Bjork stars in the film as Selma, a Czech single mother working in a U.S. factory. While von Trier's Oscar-nominated "Breaking The Waves" was a bleak cinema verite tragedy, NME reports the new film has been described as sentimental and borrows from the style of Hollywood musicals. Bjork has written 90% of the music for the film herself, with von Trier also contributing to the soundtrack. The film is to premier at Cannes and is scheduled to open in Britain in September. (Jam) 
*Rabbit in Your Headlights DJ Shadow & Thom UNKLE 
Thom Yorke graba con DJ Shadow
Thom ha grabado junto a DJ Shadow la canción "A Rabbit In Your Headlights,"para el proyecto U.N.K.L.E, de James Lavelle, durante los días 28 y 29 de Julio en San Francisco. El album saldrá en otoño." 
Radiohead singer Thom Yorke spent two days (July 28-29) in a San Francisco,
Calif. studio with DJ Shadow recording a track for an upcoming album from Mo'Wax Records honcho James Lavelle's project, U.N.K.L.E. The track, entitled "A Rabbit In Your Headlights," features lyrics and vocals fromYorke and music from Shadow, and was overseen by Lavelle, who hopes to release the album this fall. 
(Adict to noise)



*Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack (Thom and Jonny) 12/11 US1998 (23/10)UK

**'Wish You Were Here'( Sparklehorse+Thom)
B-side on the single 'Painbirds' out now in the UK only on a limited release. 

Q-Tip(A Tribe Called Quest)is hoping to collaborate with the Beastie Boys, Radiohead and Eve from the Ruff Ryders on the album, which is tentatively due in November. If the Q-Tip/Beastie Boys collaboration does take place, it won't be the first time they've recorded together: Q-Tip guested on "Get It Together" from the Beasties' 1994 album, "Ill Communication."(MTV)
*RADIOHEAD have written the soundtrack to a new BBC drama series. 
The Oxford band have penned all the incidental music for the adaptation of prize-winning Irish author Robert McLiam Wilson's 1997 Eureka Street: A Novel Of Ireland Like No Other, a four-part series to be aired in September. The soundtrack is purely instrumental.(NME)
*The new LP from Pavement entitled 'Terror Twilight' will be out on June 8th on Domino in the UK and Matador in the USA, featuring a contribution from Jonny on the harmonica.
RADIOHEAD guitarist Jonny Greenwood has made a guest appearance on the new Pavement album - playing harmonica. The collaboration came about because the album, as-yet untitled and due out in June, is being produced by Nigel Godrich, who produced Radiohead's 1997 album 'OK Computer', as well as last year's 'Mutations' by Beck.
When Godrich decided he wanted some harmonica on part of the Pavement album, he asked Greenwood to do it.
Pavement's spokesman said: "I'm sure they're fans of each other's. Radiohead have pretty good taste!"
The spokesman added that Godrich's dad, a professional violinist, had also contributed to the Pavement album.
The album, due out on Domino, was recorded in New York and London and the final finishing touches are now being made to it.
The spokesman continued: "It's sounding really good, very sophisticated and kind of romantic. It's still very Pavement though."



Titles include 'Bring On The Major', 'You Are The Light', 'Spit On A Stranger', 'Billy The Saint', 'Jesus In Harlem' and 'The Hex', a live favourite of Pavement fans. A single will precede the album, the band's fifth and their follow-up to 1997's 'Brighten The Corners', in May99.(NME)

* Jonny may be playing keyboards on Bernard Butler's second solo LP.

1. DRUGSTORE & THOM YORKE El President (279K) Not quite a new Radiohead track, but the next best thing, this duet finds Yorke in absolutely stunning voice on a sombre number that wouldn't have sounded out of place on "OK Computer". High praise indeed. (From "El President EP", Roadrunner U.K.) 
Drugstore/Yorke. The President numero 20 UK Chart
It's taken 18 months but finally the time has come for the Drugstore's collaboration with Thom Yorke to get a release date. The four-piece comprising a Brazilian, an American and two Brits teamed up with the Radiohead frontman in 1996 to record the track El Presidente. However the project was put on hold when Drugstore's record label, Go Beat was involved in a takeover. The band languished for a time but a fortnight ago they completed a deal with Roadrunner records and now the single's due out on April 20th. And they're out on tour but without Mr Yorke from 25th March
(BBC News.)
"El President" esta dedicada o se refiere a Salvador Allende
Video Drugstore/Thom... Thom, Isabel.......naked?
Drugstore interview
t: is it true what i've heard about the video for 'el president'?
isabel: it's kind of true, but it was done in a really tasteful way....no, it's not. if you check the paper it was actually april fools day. but we were sent that treatment by a video maker, and we thought it was so preposterous, so ridiculous - the idea of me and thom naked in mud. we showed it to thom and said 'thom, look!', and he said 'oh, let's send that to the press as a press release'.
t: so it's not actually true?
isabel: no! oh please!
t: I didn't really think that thom would go for that kind of thing..("Tartrazine")
+Marillion's cover of 'Fake Plastic Trees' is on the B-side of their new single 'These Chains', and a bonus track on the Japanese version of their new LP 'Radiation' . However, I'd had the wrong link before for those who want to hear it online - try : http://www.marillion.co.uk/ears/plastic.ramPlanet Telex)
* the new single from Credit to the Nation: 'Tacky Love Song' which samples and is based around, of all things, the acoustic guitar line from High & Dry! 
*Canadian singer Sarah Slean has covered 'Climbing up the Walls' which features as a hidden track on the CD version of her debut EP 'Universe'. Sleeve notes include a credit to "Radiohead - those blessed creatures".
*Anthrax has covered 'The Bends'. You can get it, either as a B-side to their current single 'Inside Out', or on the ' Remixes and Rare' Japanese tour EP
Uno de los temas incluidos en el álbum Ok Computer (1997), de Radiohead, obra fundamental para la comprensión del pop-rock electrónico, aspira a convertirse ahora en un clásico del jazz más depurado. El responsable de la transformación de Exit music (for a film) en una deliciosa pieza acústica es el pianista Brad Mehldau , que acaba de publicar su versión dentro del álbum Songs: The art of trio, volume three. Mehldau sostiene que toda la música "puede romper las líneas divisorias entre los géneros", y parece haberlo conseguido. "Estrené mi versión de Exit music en un concierto en Italia. Al final de la actuación se me acercó un hombre a preguntarme si aquella pieza era una sonata de Beethoven ", relata, divertido. No es la primera vez que este joven virtuoso del piano encuentra inspiración en el pop: el más reciente trabajo del saxofonista Joshua Redman , en el que Meldhau interviene del primer al último tema, incluye versiones jazzísticas de Bob Dylan. The times they are a-changing Prince.How come U don't call me anymore Joni Mitchell , Stevie Wonder y hasta una lectura del Eleanor Rigby de Lennon/McCartney en un enrevesado compás de cinco por cuatro.- FERNANDO NEIRA, El Pais..(Gracias Carlos)
First one's from jazz artist Brad Mehldau who has included a reading of 'Exit Music (for a film)' on his new CD 'The Art of the Trio, Vol 3' out on Warner Brothers. Apparently just a straight interpretation of the tune, but interesting nevertheless. 
*Drugstore ofrecen en sus conciertos cover de Black Star de Radiohead
..."An acoustic version of Drugstore's first album's "Accelerate" gave way to a heated discussion between Monteiro and Robinson over whether the band should cover a Radiohead song or a Flaming Lips tune for its encore. The compromise gave way to a drowsy duet on Radiohead's "Black Star" -- and the Lips' "She Don't Use Jelly."(Sonicnet)
Thom will be appearing as a special guest of the band Drugstore at the Irish Lissard Music Festival this Sunday 6th September. 
The website for the festival is http://www.lissard.com/event/index.html
..GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI have teamed up with UK cult TV hosts Adam & Joe to make the video for their new single 'Sweet Johnny'.
The band members feature in the promo clip alongside toys from the duo's hit Friday night series The Adam & Joe Show shown in the UK on Channel 4.
The 'Sweet Johnny' video depicts the band as 'Singing Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Action Figures' while the toys act out spoof versions of famous pop promos - including The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony', Robert Palmer, Prodigy's 'Firestarter', Blur's 'Song 2' and Radiohead's No Surprises (NME)
Y Rumores...
Massive Attack remezclará OK Computer
The next Radiohead project looming on the horizon is that Massive Attack will remix the entire OK Computer album, 
"It's like what they did with all those old dub records," says Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood.
"They want to do it, and we want them to do it. They're going to give themselves a month to get it all done so that they don't spend too long on it." (Allstar Magazine) 
MASSIVE ATTACK's DADDY G says the band's long-planned collaboration with Radiohead should happen this summer. The bands have been planning to work together since meeting at a Dublin festival last year. Initially, Massive Attack were interested in remixing all or some of Radiohead's 'OK Computer' album. However, time constraints scuppered the idea. Daddy G says the two bands now plan to hook up in late summer to "see what happens".
"We're going to go away to one of their houses, maybe in the summer. Thom's got a house in Devon and we're just going to jam there. Hopefully something's going to come out of it." Daddy G added that the remix project would have taken too much time: "In a way Radiohead have really influenced us. When 'OK Computer' came out they said they'd love us to re-work it for them. If you do that you have to spend a lot of time doing it, treat it with a lot of respect, it would have taken us months to really work on it."...NME
Se ha rumoreado una colaboracion de Jonny con Tori Amos
A spokesperson for EMI Canada says the band is "in the talking stages" about releasing a remixed version of their current album, "OK Computer".
"It would be with different DJs mixing the songs, in the same order as on the original album, and with similar packaging," the spokesperson said, emphasizing that such a project is still highly tentative.

"If it does come down, it'll be late spring before it's released." (JAM)

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