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Unbelievable Truth + Goldrush + Mark Gardener

Stop the world - Zodiac - Oxford - 19 02 2005

Unbelievable Truth will reform for one night only to play a special rock gig to raise money for OXFAM's tsunami appeal. 

por Nataly® - IndyRock
When i heard about the news i couldn't believe it.
An Unbelievable Truth show.
Since they have split, i've missed them so much, i've often dreamt about me being in a concert hall, my back turned to the stage, and suddenly i hear Andy voice filling the room. I'm paralised. The band start playing, and i'm start craying.
I knew that this would never happen, and that was making me feel so sad to know that i would never see them live again.
And then this wonderful news.
Even when i was in the Zodiac, front of the stage watching Goldrush, i couldn't beleive that i was going to see them on that stage in few minutes, like in the good old days.
Goldrush were very good, i liked their performance and i'm gonna look for their CDs.
They played again with Mark Gardener, which was a good performance too.
Then came the time to prepare the stage for UT, and i suddenly saw Nigel coming on stage to prepare his drums.
How strange it was to see him again after such a long time.
And then i saw Jason coming for his bass, and Jim too.
Andy came too, but Nigel was apparently taking Andy's stuff in charge, so he left the stage.
That was so good to see them all there, so near.
I was smiling, realising that this was about to happen : UT on stage again.
The crowd was far more dense now, most of the people were apparently here for UT.

Everything was ready, the lights were turned off, and they arrived one by one, acclaimed by the crowd.
Yeah Unbelievable Truth on stage!
They were all smiling, we were surely all too, that was fantastic :0)
The sound was far too loud for the two first bands, and it was still too loud for UT but well they were here front of us!
I was at the front on the left, at Jason side, and he seemed to really appreciate the show a lot, smiling a lot, looking and smiling at people. They were all smiling and having a good time.
I don't remember having seen Andy so happy on stage. He was often fixing someone in the crowd who he was smiling to, but maybe he was just fixing a point and smiling to the whole crowd ;0)
Jason played guitar on some songs.
Almost here was a great moment. Well it was long to start, Nigel had to stop twice because of people shooting, but it was very moving, especially at the moment of my fave sentence "How can i be somebody new when i see my own reflexion". When Andy sang it, i had a lump in my throat and wet eyes.
I can't remember all the songs, i would have had very happy to hear Nightlight which is maybe my fave UT song, but they are so many if not all of their songs that i would have wanted to listen that evening.
At the end of Solved, Andy left the microphone without having sang the last sentence. He hesitated, came back to microphone smiling : "There's a problem i can't solve it".
The crowd often sing along loudly with Andy which made him smiled.
It was a very good mood show for everybody :0)
At a moment as the others were getting prepared for the next song, Andy waiting with his guitar played few notes of what seemed to me Nightlight, but i was surely too much waiting for it, and i can't remember now what song it could have been (a recording of the show would be perfect to help me ;0)
They talked between them and to the crowd but unfortunately i didn't understand a lot of what they said.
They did 2 encores, and left. For the last time.
They quickly left, with a little good bye and no words of farewell.
That was too short, i would have listen to them for hours and hours.
I was already suffering from UT withdrawal. It was over. One more time.
They all seemed to have so much fun on stage, that i couldn't help a little hope rising during all the show that they will announce that UT was reviving, but apart from a joke of Nigel telling that the next one would be in 2009, they didn't tell anything.
When David came on stage with a microphone to announce something i suddenly believed that it was going to happen but it was just for a draw.

We stayed a bit after the show as we like to do usually, watching the guys taking off all the stuff.
Nigel, Jason and Jim helped on stage, and then join the few people that were still here to chat nicely.
Andy was there too, and he seemed very at ease chatting, and smiling to the people around him.
As usual, i stayed away being too shy and my english not alowing me to have a correct conversation.
I stayed there watching them, just being happy to be there.
We finally left, and it was so hard for me to leave, it was the last time i was seeing them.
We walked back to the hotel in silence.
Their songs playing in my head.
They are still playing in my head right now.
In a way, Unbelievable Truth will stay always with me, in my head. In my heart.
I love this band a lot.
I have wonderful souvenirs intimate shows in little venues.
They are one of my fave band, and will still forever.
I'm missing you so much guys.
Thank you for that show, it was wonderfull.
Full of palpable happiness on stage and in the crowd.
See you for the next one-off show ;0) 


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