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Tibet 98 fotos Frank Micelota / more pics
Thom was talking about Tibet, Colin was animated, but the
highlight of the set was
a performance of Lucky with Michael Stipe of REM singing,
and Thom and Ed doing the backup vocals..
.....Thom Yorke and     Michael Stipe collaborated during Tibetan Freedom Festival: Radiohead singer  Thom Yorke walks onstage  during REM's set to lend  vocals to the entirety of "Be Mine." To the audience's  delight, Thom Yorke,  who Stipe joined during  Radiohead's set earlier Sunday (June 14),  comes out again later.  Now he's here to fill in for Patti Smith on of "E-Bow the Letter", a song that Michael Stipe  says R.E.M. had planned to play with Patti Smith on Saturday, before the weather grounded her plane and before lightning struck RFK Stadium, canceling the remainder of that day  

The Milarepa Fund, SonicNet & the Ultimate Band List Present The Tibetan Freedom Concert '98 Rebroadcast 
Day 1 - Thursday, December 10, 6:00 PM (ET), 3:00 PM (PT) Day 2 - Friday, December 11, 3:00 PM (ET), 12:00 Noon (PT) 
On these two days, we will be presenting all the performances that occurred back on June 13 &14 @ RFK Stadium in Washington DC including special never before heard " Radio Free Tibet" interviews hosted by Anthony Kiedis & Perry Farrell w/ several of the performers as well as attendees Krist Novoselic & Brad Pitt. 
In Honor of the 50th Anniversary of International Human Rights Day, SonicNet, The Milarepa Fund and UBL, in association with LiveConcerts.com, present the Tibetan Freedom Concert '98 rebroadcast. Featuring performances from Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Radiohead, Live, Sonic Youth and more. Our coverage also includes interviews and backstage footage and more news on Tibet. 
Gallery photos + info
Tibetan Freedom Concert Raises Most Yet -- $1.3 Million Organizers count victories home and abroad while decision on fourth concert remains up in the air.
Chris Nelson 
Two-and-a-half weeks after the Tibetan Freedom Concert closed with the sounds of chanting monks, evidence of the concert's success is turning up in a variety of forms, most recently with the announcement that the concert raised $1.3 million for the "Free Tibet" cause.
All of this year's proceeds -- the most raised in three years of Tibetan Freedom Concerts -- will go to benefit concert organizers the Milarepa Fund, said TFC publicist Perry Serpa.
"About one-third of that is then going to be distributed to other organizations promoting non-violence," Serpa said, who added that the fund-raising organization also is celebrating that President Clinton strongly urged for Sino- Tibetan negotiations on his trip to China.
The money raised this year brings the grand total since 1996 to nearly $2.5 million. While Milarepa has yet to compile a list of recipient organizations, Students For A Free Tibet, a U.S.-based advocacy group dedicated to liberating Tibet from Chinese oppression, is expected to be a beneficiary, according to Serpa.
The $1.3 million raised this year reflects net profit from ticket sales and merchandise, he said. Although gross figures for the event were unavailable, tickets sales are estimated to have totaled $3.9 million, far more than either of the previous two TFCs -- in San Francisco (1996) and New York (1997).
While it is clear that the lightning storm -- which shut down the concert midway through day one of the two-day festival -- impacted fund raising by shortening sales of merchandise, Serpa said he could not speculate how the cancellation may have affected overall proceeds.
Now that the third annual concert, held this year at Washington, D.C.'s RFK Stadium, has finished operations, workers at the Milarepa Fund are busy tying up loose ends and watching Clinton's nine-day tour of China. During a rare, nationally televised press conference on Sunday, Clinton pressed for religious freedom in Tibet as well as for talks between Chinese officials and the Dalai Lama, Tibet's Buddhist spiritual leader.
"We're pretty excited about the possibility of what's going on over there but also skeptical of what the president has done, what he is doing," said Erin Potts, Milarepa founder and executive director. "It all seems to be behind closed doors, but the public debate at the press conference was really good for us to see."
While Potts said she was pleased by Clinton's push for negotiations, she said Milarepa won't declare full victory until specific details for talks, including dates and locations, have been established. She also criticized Clinton's endorsement of a Chinese prerequisite for talks that Tibet recognize itself as part of China.
Clinton, despite opposition, has continually supported China's favored-nation status with the U.S., contending that the key to negotiation is to develop a good rapport with China. The Eastern powerhouse has ruled the peaceful country of Tibet since it invaded the mountainous region in 1949.
"We want His Holiness the Dalai Lama to be able to walk into that room no matter what and sit down and talk with the Chinese government about what's going on," Potts said.
Over the coming months, Milarepa is expected to continue educating people about Tibet during the Beastie Boys' U.S. tour, although details have not been confirmed.
Meanwhile, there are no plans as yet for a fourth Tibetan Freedom Concert for next summer. "Nobody really knows anything about what may or may not happen next year," Serpa said. "Everybody is just trying to unwind after this extravaganza."
At a press briefing before the start of the concert, TFC founder and Beastie Boy Adam Yauch said the success of Clinton's trip depended on whether the president secured details for Sino-Tibetan negotiations. Yauch also laid the question of a fourth concert on the president's shoulders.
"If Bill Clinton steps up to the plate and does what needs to be done," then the third concert would be the last, Yauch said. "Otherwise, we'll continue to do this and put more pressure on him."
For now, Potts is looking positively toward the future. "Clinton is talking about this and [Chinese President] Jiang Zemin is talking about this. The international grass-roots movement for Tibet is largely responsible for the fact that that happened. Negotiations can happen. The groundwork is definitely there."
July 1,Sonicnet
National Day of Action for Tibet
June 15th, 1998 12:00 noon West Capitol Lawn
Lawmakers and rock musicians, rallying after a weekend concert, called on President Clinton to push for Tibetan independence during his upcoming trip to China. More than 2,000 people gathered on the Capitol plaza to hear performances by Radiohead, R.E.M., Sean Lennon and Perry Farrell of Porno for Pyros. They also heard speeches by lawmakers, environmentalists and human rights activists, who encouraged Clinton to speak out for Tibet when he meets with Chinese leaders next week.
Radiohead singer and guitarist Thom Yorke is hoping that support in the United States will spread to his British homeland as well. "British people don't give a fuck," he lamented backstage. "Americans, once they're told about something, they're very motivated. They'll stand up and shout. That's one of the good things about America still."
Attending supporters of the cause not only heard speeches from politicians and activists but also witnessed acoustic performances by R.E.M., Thom Yorke, Sean Lennon with David Crosby, and former Porno For Pyros and Jane's Addiction leader Perry Farrell. 
Radiohead leader Thom Yorke -- one of the most visible and vocal artists at Saturday's and Sunday's Tibetan Freedom Concert -- said his goal for the rally was to inspire Tibet's supporters to share their beliefs with others.
Thom play at rally: Street spirit
Skating For The Tibetan Cause
set list :
1-Airbag 2-Talk Show Host 3-Karma Police 4-Fake Plastic Trees 5-Lucky (vocals by Michael Stipe, with Thom and Ed doing b-voc) 6-Paranoid Android 7-Creep 8-Street Spirit [Fade Out]
Some folks skateboard for Tibetan freedom; others take inspiration from Radiohead and R.E.M.
Chris Nelson
WASHINGTON (2:40 p.m.) -- Some folks approach the cause of Tibetan freedom by meditating; others study all they can to learn about the culture.
Then there's Jaime Stillman, who plans to quite literally put the word on the street by attacking the asphalt of Lancaster, Pa., with her brand- new "Free Tibet" skateboard.
"Everybody will be seeing this," says Stillman, 22, as she waits in line for an ATM. Perched proudly on her foot is her new skate deck with "FREE TIBET" emblazoned across the bottom in fat red and black letters.
"I thought it'd be neat to have," she says, smiling.
For Stillman -- a veteran of last year's Tibetan Freedom Concert in New York -- the benefits of the new board are twofold. Not only will she skate the streets in good conscience (and good karma, she hopes) with her political ideals beneath her feet, but she'll also be spreading the word about Tibetan oppression to her skateboarding brothers and sisters, who now may take away more from their hard-core outings than skinned knees.
While Stillman waits for cash in a stadium hallway, 22-year-old Jane Ramirez sits 50 feet away in the last row of section 408, approaching her activism from a much quieter vibe.
For Ramirez, there's no better way to pursue Tibetan freedom at this moment than by grooving to the sounds of Radiohead tackling their hit "Karma Police."
"Radiohead and R.E.M. are my favorites," says Ramirez of Burke, Va. "Both adamantly support a lot of good causes and have paved the way for so many people."
As if on cue, R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe takes the stage to sing "Lucky" alongside Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. Clad in an orange shirt and jeans, Stipe leans into the mic as he sends his patented soaring tenor vocals out over the crowd.
Ramirez, wearing a purple flannel shirt with her brown hair pulled back in a clip, rocks back and forth enraptured as she watches her rock 'n' roll dream team.
Her only regret may be that she can't go to Monday's (June 15) Free Tibet rally on the Capitol lawn, something that Yorke pressed everyone at the concert to do. "I want to go, but I'm going to be at work," she sighs.
But Ramirez, a temp worker at Federal City Tours, has her eye on other ways to help -- such as routing tomorrow's tours past the Capitol and urging guides to spread the Free Tibet message.
Still, for now, she's just hanging back and soaking it all in.
[ Sun., Jun 14, 4:35 PM EDT ] 
on the party....
Radiohead singer Thom Yorke skulked around by himself toting a backpack
Radiohead in secret gig
.After their cancellation, the band announced a secret gig at Washington's 9:30 club. The first 800 ticket stubs from the Tibetan Freedom Festival were allowed in. The doors opened at 12:00. Support came from Pulp, and the band were in a really good mood - Thom was talking about Tibet, Colin was animated, but the highlight of the set was a performance of Lucky with Michael Stipe of REM singing, and Thom and Ed doing the backup vocals.
Set list : Airbag/Talk Show Host/Karma Police/The Bends/Climbing up the Walls/Fake Plastic Trees/How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found/Just/No Surprises/Lucky/Paranoid Android/Creep/Street Spirit (Planet telex site)
Tibetan was canceled
Lighting Shuts Tibet Opener Six Injured
At least six fans were struck by lightning during a set by Herbie Hancock.
Gil Kaufman
WASHINGTON, D.C. (4:05 pm.) At least six Tibetan Freedom Concert attendees were struck by lightning Saturday (June 13) and rushed out of the arena with injuries moments after a sky-rending crack of thunder ripped through the air over RFK stadium.
And with torrential rains and continuing threats of thunder, the first day of the two-day benefit concert to raise awareness about the Tibetan cause of freedom from Chinese oppression was canceled.
Two of the victims were listed in guarded condition, and the others were in stable, according to emergency crews and city police.
"Go home in peace and know that we love you. We'll see you tomorrow maybe," said R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe, just after Tibet organizer Adam Yauch announced the cancellation.(more info
.Tibetan cancelado...
Al menos 14 personas han resultado heridas por un rayo que cayó en medio de una multitud de más de cien mil espectadores que asistieron el sábado a un gran concierto en Washington a favor de la implantación de la democracia en el Tibet. La tormenta con fuerte aparato eléctrico produjo la interrupción del concierto durante más de cuatro horas, por lo que hubo que suspender la actuación de grupos como REM, y Radiohead. El rayo cayó mientras actuaban el grupo Herbie Handcok y los Headhunters y produjo heridas a varias personas que fueron trasladadas inmediatamente a un centro santario para ser tratadas de quemaduras. Ese mismo dia Radiohead ofrecio un gig secreto, al dia siguiiente actuo en el festival. El lunes, dia de accion por el Tibet Thom Yorke participa con una actuacion en acustico.
Radiohead meet the press ...
Radiohead's Thom Yorke Building Good Karma Radiohead meet the press and talk about the power of more than 60,000 people standing in front of a Tibetan flag.
"When you get 66,000 people standing in front of a huge Tibetan flag, I think it will get the message across. People are not that stupid." -- Thom Yorke, Radiohead singer
"We're playing people out [of the stadium]. That's why we're here, music to go to their cars," Yorke says.
Says Britain could have done something to prevent China's occupation of Tibet.
Gil Kaufman
WASHINGTON, D.C. (12:30 p.m.) Radiohead singer Thom Yorke does a good job of disguising his disgust.
When asked if he thinks the Tibetan Freedom Concert really makes a difference, the singer quips, "When you get 66,000 people standing in front of a huge Tibetan flag, I think it will get the message across. People are not that stupid."
Radiohead are meeting the press hours before they will take the stage to close the show, or, as Yorke jokes, "We're playing people out. That's why we're here, music to go to their cars."
Guitarist Jonny Greenwood, Colin's brother, says the band feels it has to be careful about criticism of President Clinton's policies on Tibet. "Because we're not Americans, we're not citizens. He doesn't represent us," Greenwood says. Yorke, however, says their British government "was one of the countries that could have said something" when the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1949. "They just didn't," he says.
The members of one of Britain's most critically-acclaimed band come off as unpretentious, standing inside the media tent. You might almost mistake them for spectators. Yorke is wearing a light blue, tattered T-shirt. Colin Greenwood downplays a question about the influence of such massive musical events by saying that shows like TFC "are not the ideal way to see groups like us. The point of it is a celebration of a lot of people coming together to support a cause."
Early in their brief appearance, bassist Colin Greenwood deftly side-steps a non-Tibet question about whether or not Radiohead will be collaborating with trip-hop band Massive Attack on a full-length remix album of Radiohead's OK Computer.
I look up at a monitor and Yorke is gripping the microphone on the main stage as he intoduces monk Palden Gyatso.
[Sat., Jun. 13, 1998 2:26 PM EDT] (more info)
Radiohead took part in an on-line chat from the festival yesterday, but it was pretty boring - lots of irrelevant moderated questions, and nothing at all was said of interest. A transcript will be available soon.(yahoo.com)
TIBETAN performers banned from China 
MTV News reports that Beastie Boys and TFC organizer Adam Yauch has issued a statement in response to a statement attributed by ABC News on Friday to an official at the Chinese Embassy in London. The Chinese statement indicated that those performers participating in the concert would be banned from visiting China in addition to having their music banned.
Yauch's response: ''This is a small example of the kind of thing that goes on all the time in China and Tibet. If they are trying to stop foreign minds, one can only imagine what they do within their own borders. Tibetan and Chinese people are tortured and killed on a regular basis for speaking their minds. This concert is a chance for us to bring the freedoms that we have to the Tibetan and Chinese people.''
Tibetan Freedom 


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