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NOTICE.......the end of Unbelievable Truth.......01-sept-00
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The debut Sad Song Co. album, 'miseryguts', is set to be released on August 15th. The tracklisting is:
Beginning To Wonder Ghosts Blind Man Pleasure Babies The Everlasting Mile Directions Deep Cover Into The Hills This Isn't What I Expected Gulag Parenting You Get My Best Chasing The High
27th July Oxford, The Bullingdon Arms
14th August Winchester, The Railway Inn
25th August, Oxford, The Port Mahon

Nigel Powell ( 2003)

***in light of the events this week I wondered long and hard about whether I should send out this email. I feel that things must carry on, even during times of worry and upheaval, so I have elected to do so. If this causes offence to anyone, particularly any U.S. citizens on the list, please accept my apologies***
It is the first anniversary of Unbelievable Truth's final show at the Zodiac. Since then I have been working hard, not only mixing and preparing the Misc. Music album for release, but on new music of my own. Finally I wish to go public with the fruits of my labours, so please feel free to visit http://www.thesadsongco.com/, where you will find news about what I've been up to, message boards, links to shop for UT CDs, a user area which will be added to later, but most importantly mp3s of the new material. There are no plans for a commercial release at this stage, but that's mostly because you will be the first to hear it.
And that's it. http://www.unbelievabletruth.co.uk/ will continue to run for a while, but I can't see myself making any updates, since The Sad Song Co. project will now be taking up most of my time.
Nigel Powell, Unbelievable Truth producer / writer / multi-instrumentalist 
Dear all,
Due to a spot of domain name theft, some of you may have noticed that unbelievable-truth.com is no longer our site. The site has been moved to
and you can also reach it via unbelievabletruth.com
The email adress has also changed accordingly as you can see. The posthumous double / live / unreleased album is still available, although I haven't fully checked every aspect of the site to see that it is all working yet. I will keep you informed.
If you don't wish to receive these mails, please reply to info@unbelievabletruth.co.uk, and we will happily remove you.
I reckon most of you know already, but Unbelievable Truth's final album, 'Misc. Music', a 2hr 20min + collection of b-sides, unreleased songs, and a recording of the final gig at the Zodiac in Oxford, is available through the website at http://www.unbelievable-truth.com/, with direct credit card sales, or details on how to mail order. It is already available through the FNAC chain of stores in France, and now throughoutt some other European countries through the same stores, and it will be available in all major UK record shops from the beginning of May onwards. It will also be available through amazon.com, where I have to admit they are undercutting our shop (although their MUCH higher postage and packing costs mean that the difference is not as much as it may first appear).
The website remains active, hosting over 20 mp3s of songs and versions unavailable anywhere else (except Napster). Also Nigel Powell, multi-instrumentalist, producer and co-songwriter with UT is now beginning to unveil his new material, featuring Jason Moulster on bass and backing vocals (making this new projest 2 / 3 rds Unbelievable Truth!). Although no announcement has been made on the website yet regarding this, as a special favour for those who have registered, an mp3 of one of these new tracks, 'Directions', is available at http://www.unbelievable-truth.com/downloads/images/dir.mp3 Hear it ahead of the rest of the world.
April 01

In the aftermath of Andy Yorke's departure last September, the band are putting a full stop at the end of Unbelievable Truth's career with "Misc. Music", a double album comprising all the unreleased material from the 'sorrythankyou' sessions, the b-sides from the 'sorrythankyou' singles, and a recording of their final show at the Zodiac in Oxford, featuring versions of 'Higher Than Reason', 'Solved' and 'Building'. Hoping to give the fans a final slice of value for money, the album features 35 songs, thirteen of which have never previously been released, with a running time of over two hours and twenty minutes, at only £15. Currently this album will only be available either through the band's website at
or by mail order from:
Please enclose a cheque, postal order or international money order made payable to 'Unbelievable Truth' for £15 (pounds sterling) plus postage and packing of £1 (U.K.), £1.50 (Europe) or £2.00 (World Outside Europe).
If you still can't get enough, the website (see above) will remain active for the time being, and it currently has an archive of 20 mp3 downloads covering demos, rare early songs, live versions and silly remixes.

Unbelievable Truth would like to thank all of the fans for their support. You made our brief career a special place to be.

El recientemente desaparecido grupo bitánico Unbelievable Truth vuelve al mercado discográfico con un disco en directo, que será el epílogo de su carrera. Este disco aparecerá a principios de 2001. Fue grabado durante la gira de presentacion de lo que fue su ultimo trabajo "Sorry Thank you". 
Dear fans,
I'm afraid that the rumours are true, and I have decided to leave Unbelievable Truth. The last few years have been enjoyable and an amazing experience, but I feel that now is a good time to move on. I intend to pursue the other thing in my life which fascinates me, namely work involving Russia and Eastern Europe. Nigel and Jase are planning to continue with music, but my departure will mark the end of Unbelievable Truth. Most importantly of all, I'd all like to extend my enormous thanks to all the fans who have stuck with us over the years and helped to make being in this band such a privilege. The show at the Oxford Zodiac on the 16th of September will go ahead and will be our farewell show. We hope you can make it.
Cheers, Andy
This site will remain active for some time, there are still a number of mp3 downloads to be added. We are recording the show at the Zodiac, and, along with a number of still unreleased tracks and b-sides from 'Agony' and 'Landslide', will maybe be released posthumously - there will be more details to come both here and on Shifty Disco's website. If me, Jason and Jim's plans become any clearer any time soon, we will let you know here. And finally I'd like to apologise to those people who I lied to at Reading festival; this wasn't something I wanted to discuss until an official announcment was made. 

UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH TO SPLIT Band announces farewell single and farewell gig
Unbelievable Truth have decided to call it a day, Andy Yorke is to pursue his passion for Russia and Eastern Europe, a subject which has heavily influenced his songwriting whilst in the band.
Andy has issued the following statement:
"I have decided to leave Unbelievable Truth. The last few years have been enjoyable and an amazing experience, but I feel that now is a good time to move on. I intend to pursue the other thing in my life which fascinates me, namely work involving Russia and Eastern Europe. Nigel and Jase are planning to continue with music, but my departure will mark the end of Unbelievable Truth. Most importantly of all, we'd all like to extend our enormous thanks to all the fans who have stuck with us over the years and helped to make being in this band such a privilege. The show at the Oxford Zodiac on the 16th of September will go ahead and will be our farewell show. We hope you can make it."
The Zodiac show will be recorded for posterity and released.
'Advice To A Lover', the third single to be taken from the album 'sorrythankyou' will be released on October 2nd. It features two previously unheard b-sides: 'Some Of These People' and 'Whose Side Are You On?'.
'sorrythankyou' will be released on vinyl on 25th September.
Tickets for the Zodiac show on 16th September are available from the venue box office (01865 420042) or www.oxfordmusic.net.
(David Holt, MESSAGE)
Shifty Disco message
and so it is with a fond farewell and a bevvy of good wishes that we at Shifty Disco wish Unbelievable Truth on their way. I'm sure that it won't be the last that you'll hear of Andy, Nigel and Jase but as for Unbelievable Truth, they are no more.
This Saturday's gig is not yet sold out and so if you want to call the Box Office (01865 420042) or buy a ticket on line at www.oxfordmusic.net then you may be able to snap up one of the remaining 50 tickets. We shall be recording the gig for a souvenir live album release later in the year, coupling it with an album's worth of unreleased UT material.
On a happier note, the album has sold fantastically well and has received some outstanding reviews across Europe (one German magazine gave the album a Spinal Tap like 11 out of 10!). The reception that "sorrythankyou" has had has surpassed that of "almost here" nearly everywhere on the Continent and ironically there are requests all over from our European Distributors for the band to come over and tour. Maybe the frustrations of the past two years finally took their toll on the band, but from our Shifty perspective it felt like they were just starting to turn the corner.
So be it.

Doc Disco
hello everybody
 it's Dr Disco here with just a quick bit of 'Truth news.
 Following last month's rather successful tour of the UK the band have announced a one-off show in September at the Zodiac in Oxford on Saturday 16th. The venue only has a capacity of 500 and so tickets will be something of a premium but if you're quick off the mark then you should be able to get them from either the Box Office (01865 420042) or on-line via www.oxfordmusic.net. The ticket price is £7.50 and they're on sale now.
 The album is now out (or very nearly out) across most of Europe and has been garnerning some rather wonderful reviews all over the place. It's currently No.1 in the retail chart for one of Holland's main chainstores and has received an 11 out of 12 review in the most influential German
magazine  - apparently the reason that they give marks out of 12 is that nothing ever gets more than 10 (a bit Spinal Tap if you ask me).
 The UK sales just keep flooding in too and it looks like it will be eclipsing "Almost Here" in quite a number of countries around Europe. Not bad for an album that Virgin didn't deem commercially viable! Release should follow soon in the States and also in other places too (Japan, Australia etc.)
 A fuller band newsletter will follow soon. There is a glass of Merlot on my desk and so I'll end my missive here.
 DrD (Shifty Disco)
Dear people,
Despite every setback and difficulty that you could imagine (and a fair few that no-one could have guessed at) on the 'Agony' tour, we had a great time playing again, to audiences that surprised us with their size and charmed us with their enthusiasm. Perhaps predictably we're heading out to do it all again, and I, for one, can't wait. We're very much looking forward to playing the songs from the album, and b-sides for 'Agony' and the new single 'Landslide', to people who know them. The website at www.unbelievable-truth.com has been expanding apace, now with a good selection of unavailable-anywhere-else mp3 downloads, along with the almost overwhelming swathes of information about the band, and many other tenuously related subjects.
And most excitingly, finally the album 'sorrythankyou' will see the light of day. We're very proud of it and we hope you will enjoy it too.
Unbelievable Truth news

new single, "Landslide" which will be released on 3rd July. This is the lead track from the album, "sorrythankyou" which follows on July 10th. The single is in CD format only (catalogue number DISCO.QUICK.6) and features two non-album B-sides, "Everyone Has To Eat" and "Heaven Sent Me". The album, also featuring the last single "Agony", has 13 tracks in all and is blessed with the catalogue number SHIFTY.0002 (once again available only on CD). Because they had so much fun last time around despite nearly-everything-that-possibly-could-go-wrong going wrong, the band are back out playing live in July. 

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