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Radiohead en Paris 10 junio 2008 - Fotos por Laurence Boisnard

'In Rainbows',número uno en UK 
RADIOHEAD - In Rainbows (Disc 2) por Juan Gallardo Comentario
Los maravillosos colores del arco iris
por Juan Gallardo - IndyRock # 

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Hail to the thief , LETRAS EN ESPAÑOL

Daydream Festival en Barcelona Fotos directo +"Off Computer" /12 /6 /08
Radiohead en el Foro del Sol / México
Crónica de un concierto muy esperado Por Alejandra Hidalgo
Radiohead en Río de Janeiro / Brasil
Radiohead abre el Quilmes / Argentina
28,000 personas ven a Radiohead en Chile
Galerías >100

Fotos directo giras
1994 / 1997 / 1998 / 2000 /2001 / 2002

Radiohead en  México /  Brazil / Argentina 

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"Bye Jun" (Korea) Nice Dream
ROMEO & Juliette Talk Show Host y Exit Song (For A Film)
SFW (1995). Creep
Clueless (1995) Fake Plastic Trees +  My Iron Lung
CYCLO, Vietnan/France 1995,  Anh Hung Tran + "Creep"
NOWHERE 1997(Greg Araki) "How can you be sure?"

Eureka Street soundtrack All tracks were composed by Martin Phipps (friend of Ed's), with Ed co-writing tracks : 1 (Sometimes My People Shine), 4 (Jake), 10 (Oh God, A Riot), 12 (Easy to Live Without) and 20 (the excellently titled My Cat's a Wanker). He also contributes to tracks 6, 8, 13 and 17 - Ed is credited with playing E-bow and Electric guitars on the LP
Le CD de la bande originale de la série Eureka Street est sorti au UK.
"Velvet Goldmine"
"Ladytron" : the Venus In Furs, vocals by Thom Yorke "Baby's on fire" : the Venus In Furs "Bitter-sweet" : the Venus In Furs, vocals by Thom Yorke "2HB" : the Venus In Furs, vocals by Thom Yorke
Autres chansons utilisés dans le film : "2HB" : the Venus In Furs, vocals by Paul Kimble "Sebastian" : the Venus In Furs "Gimme danger" : the Venus In Furs "Tumbling down" : the Venus In Furs
.The recording of Big Boots for the Avengers soundtrack has been cancelled
"No we ditched it...because we were so messed up and we went in, tried to do the track, but we just couldn't do it. It was actually a really difficult period of time. We had a five week break and all the shit was coming to the surface. It was all a bit wierd..I mean we went in and tried to do this old track that we had... and it just 
wasn't happening at all. It was a real low point after i"t.(Thom MTV's 120 minutes).-
THIS ONE'S A GOLDMINE! "Velvet Goldmine" is about to open in theatres nation wide, and with it comes a soundtrack produced by the film's director TODD HAYNES and MICHAEL STIPE. The soundtrack includes some familiar names - T-REX, LOU REED, SHUDDER TO THINK - and a couple of super-groups including THE VENUS IN FURS, which is comprised of people like THOM YORKE and JONNY GREENWOOD from RADIOHEAD, BERNARD BUTLER formerly of SUEDE, and ROXY MUSIC saxophonist ANDY MACKAY. The CD is out today.(Muchmusic tv)11-11-98
Velvet Goldmine' Soundtrack Yields Glam Treasures Producer Michael Stipe recruits everyone from Thom Yorke to Thurston Moore for movie's music.
Senior Writer Gil Kaufman and Contributing Editor Dakota Smith report:
NEW YORK -- Operatic rockers Shudder to Think were vamping it up onstage in leopard-skin hats and wrap-around shades at the Bowery Ballroom recently.
The group -- which is among the artists who contributed to the just-released soundtrack to the glam-rock film "Velvet Goldmine" -- added a touch of neo-'70s decadence to the already-oozing ambience of the Lower East Side venue where a party was held Oct. 26 to celebrate the New York screening of the film.
"Tonight, we'll be performing music from "Zorba the Greek," Shudder to Think singer Craig Wedren joked to the enthusiastic crowd in between songs at the event. All the music played at the party was so lush and glamorous it could have come from the soundtrack.
In compiling the star-studded, 19-song soundtrack, which was released Tuesday and includes performances by Thurston Moore of the ambient-pop act Sonic Youth and Thom Yorke of the Brit-rock band Radiohead, the film's co-producer Randy Poster said he looked for just the kind of performance Shudder to Think gave the night of the celebration.
"The music had to absolutely jibe with the visuals, which it does. I think by virtue of the fact that they didn't have to do a whole album, it liberated a lot of the artists, so they could have fun with it, which they might not have been able to do without the context of the film."
The "Velvet Goldmine" soundtrack contains original music by Pulp, Yorke (fronting Venus in Furs), former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, former Roxy Music member and ambient-musician Brian Eno and art-rocker Grant Lee Buffalo. It also features vocals by "Velvet" actor Ewan McGregor fronting the Wylde Ratttz.
Mirroring the highly anticipated flick's overwrought, glitzy '70s look, the party and its denizens roiled in unabashed indulgence and ostentatiousness, starting with the androgynous-looking male models handing out small bottles of Moët champagne to guests entering the theater.
The party's raison d'être -- the celluloid tribute to the sex-and-drug-crazed glam-rock era, which was co-produced by R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe's film company and written and directed by indie-auteur Todd Haynes ("Safe") -- is due to hit theaters in mid-November. It stars "Trainspotting" lead Ewan McGregor as the Iggy Pop-like American rocker Curt Wild and Jonathan Rhys Meyers ("The Governess") as Brian Slade, a character based on Roxy Music leader Brian Ferry. Also in the cast is Toni Colette ("Muriel's Wedding") as Slade's wife.
"Velvet Goldmine" sports a fictitious, Stooges-like band called the Wylde Ratttz, and another, Venus in Furs, reminiscent of glam-rocke
rs Roxy Music and named after a song by ambient pre-punk minimalists Velvet Underground.
"The movie is about pop stars," Poster said, speaking days after the event. Poster co- produced the film's soundtrack with Stipe and Haynes.
In making their contribution to the film, Shudder to Think cut loose in new and colorful ways on such tracks as the lush, Bowiesque ballad "Hot One" (RealAudio excerpt) and "Ballad of Maxwell Demon" (RealAudio excerpt)," on which Wedren does his falsetto best to create the feel of a blissed-out glam prince.
For Shudder to Think's short set at the Bowery Ballroom event, Wedren -- sporting '70s- style muttonchop sideburns -- and bandmembers Stuart Hill (bass), Nathan Larson (guitar), Kevin March (drums) and Steven Bernstein (horns) gave the latter song a spot-on rendition and also treated the party-goers to a spirited take on the wholly appropriate Rolling Stones nugget "Star, Star."
Speaking in the club's basement after the band's performance, Wedren said Haynes was one of the band's favorite directors, and that the band was honored to contribute to the soundtrack.
"They capture the new era of glam rock -- they looked very feminine, and the clothes -- they could have been their own fashion show. They're avant-garde hip," said New York fan Chris Hulbert, 33, about Shudder To Think.
Adding to the glam-styled music that dominated the gathering, party-goers fit right in to the film-inspired, hedonistic scheme, living it up in the style of the flick's fictitious characters by flaunting such glitzy garb as pink boas, silver shirts, glittery makeup and fake fur.
Jim Lyons, who edited "First Love, Last Rites," an independent film for which Shudder to Think did the soundtrack, worked with Haynes on the "Velvet Goldmine" soundtrack, Wedren said.
"We were sent the script," he explained. "It was a gorgeous read. It wasn't hard at all coming up with songs for the movie."
Poster said Stipe was involved in creating the soundtrack by connecting the filmmakers with musicians and spending time in the studio with the movie's other fictitious band, Venus in Furs, in addition to helping coach the actors on their vocal performances. Stipe identified Yorke, for instance, as a voice that he wanted to use and built Venus and Furs around him, Poster said.
"He also sort-of gave them a basic understanding of what they would be doing as pop stars in the studio," he said.
[ Wed., November 4, 3:00 AM EST ] (Sonicnet)
One Radiohead-related film that will be airing at the CMJ festival for sure is "Velvet Goldmine." That flick features Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood teaming up with Andy MacKay of Roxy Music and Bernard Butler, Clune, Paul Kimble under the name The Venus In Furs for a number of songs on the movie's soundtrack...(MTV)
the Independent Film Network are putting on CMJ Filmfest '98 at Loew's State Theater in Times Square, New York City. On November 4th or 5th (dates and times not confirmed yet), they will be showing independent films including Radiohead's 'Meeting People is Easy' and the 'Velvet Goldmine' film
"Meeting People is Easy" presents a view from the inside looking out. Includes performances from Barcelona, Paris, New York and Tokyo,
will open Nov. 12 in theaters across the U.S.
The release date for the film 'Velvet Goldmine' has been pushed back to 23rd October in the UK.
Velvet Goldmine Premieres In Edinburgh 
The film is expected in North American theatres in November. 
The Singer The glam rock movie 'Velvet Goldmine' had its long-awaited premier at the opening of the Edinburgh Festival last night. 
He's mad about the film, too: "It's a fantastic movie! An opener for any film festival. It's a completely mad piece, so it'll do the Edinburgh Festival good, I think."( Ewan McGregor)
The Critic 'Velvet Goldmine' hasn't been well-received by everyone, but film critic Mark Couzens thinks the movie will propel Todd Haynes into the A-league of Hollywood directors: "It was head and shoulders the best film at the Cannes Film Festival this year and it's also a surprise because everyone's going in expecting sex and drugs and rock'n'roll, but it's not like that at all. It's a real pierce your heart, serious, disturbing piece of work. It's fantastic - I think Todd Haynes is the best American film-maker since Scorsese."bbc 17.8.98
"Velvet Goldmine" en Cannes
Premio a la "Mejor contribucion artistica" 
Prix de la meilleure contribution artistique 
Si quieres puedes ir a la pagina del festival
CANNES -- "She is an extreme woman in every way," Toni Collette says of her sexually experimental character Mandy Slade in Velvet Goldmine, "and I guess in terms of work I don't like going halfway. Going the full way with her was a total, total pleasure." Michael Stipe of R.E.M. was the wildest-looking but softest speaking person at the Velvet Goldmine press conference. Dusted in glitter, shaven bald, wearing an orange work shirt with his name emblazoned on a tag, and goofing around with a blue pig's nose that he popped onto his own for photographers, Stipe was the eccentric. He talked quietly of being the producer of the film, working to secure music rights and encouraging the actors playing the rockers to strut their stuff during the shoot. "For some of the actors, it was probably good to have a real live pop star on the set," Stipe said smiling. (JAM)


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