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Radiohead en Paris 10 junio 2008 - Fotos por Laurence Boisnard

'In Rainbows',número uno en UK 
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Daydream Festival en Barcelona Fotos directo +"Off Computer" /12 /6 /08
Radiohead en el Foro del Sol / México
Crónica de un concierto muy esperado Por Alejandra Hidalgo
Radiohead en Río de Janeiro / Brasil
Radiohead abre el Quilmes / Argentina
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En la revista UNCUT de Jan 99 viene un reportaje de RH , incluye una entrevista con Thom ) y otra con el director de Meeting..., ademas de fotos bastante buenas.
Select presents the two part definitive story of every Radiohead song ever from "Creep", through "My iron Lung", to "High And Dry". From there to "paranoid android", "Lucky" and "No Surprises".
Next month out 1-Nov.
Resumenes 99
Con el fin de la decada de los noventa, revistas y canales de TV estan haciendo sus tradicionales resumenes. Q magazine, la revista inglesa en su numero de diciembre, lo hace en formato año a año "The 90 Best Albums of the 1990s", los discos del año, logicamente OK Computer esta destacado en el del año 97 asi como The Bends figura en el del año 95. El magazine Rocksound en su formato español, tambien le dedica un espacio a radiohead, como uno de los 25 nombres que marcaron el rock en los 90. El programa de la BBC The Ozone coloca Creep en el numero 3 de su particular top ten de los 90, y el canal aleman Viva 2 hace apartados por años y tambien ha destacado a radiohead en sus diferentes emisiones. En este momento hay varias listas de votacion abiertas en diferentes medios de comunicacion, asi que esto no ha hecho mas que empezar
  • Radiohead están entre los diez mejores discos de la década en la lista de El País de las Tentaciones: 

  • Radiohead. O. K. computer (Emi, 1997). ¿Los nuevos U2? Mucho más que eso. Los británicos Radiohead realizaron un clásico del pop moderno. Siempre conmovedora la voz de Tom Yorke, el grupo enfrenta sonidos del momento sin abandonar lo clásico. Cada nueva escucha aumenta su belleza. C. M.
    Les Inrockuptibles :
    25 albums pour 25 ans :
    I) Grace - Jeff Buckley 2) The queen is dead - The smiths 3) Ok computer - Radiohead 4) Dummy - Portishead 5) Doolittle - Pixies 6) Blue lines - Massive attack 7) Nevermind - Nirvana 8) Closer - Joy Division 9) Automatic for the people - R.E.M. 10) London Calling - The Clash 11) Homogenic - Björk 12) Loveless - My bloody valentine 13) Mezzanine - Massive attack 14) The Bends - Radiohead 15) Maxinquaye - Tricky 16) The stone roses - The stone roses 17) Fantaisie militaire - Alain Bashung 18) To bring you my love - PJ Harvey 19) Debut - Björk 20) Dry - PJ Harvey 21) Daydream nation - Sonic youth 22) Odelay - Beck 23) Vauxhall & I - Morrissey 24) First - Thinderstick 25) If you're feeling sinister - Belle and sebastian
    Inkblot Magazine OK Computer 'Album of the Decade'.
    Radiohead OK Computer Are you surprised? Radiohead would want it that way. Wise beyond its years, OK Computer made it okay for rockers to rock and be intelligent. Otherworldly guitars, swooning mellotrons and seraphic vocals laugh in the face of prog and make feeling disconnected and aliented dangerously soothing. We weren't sure if they'd rise above "Creep," but they did. When we thought The Bends was a modest triumph in the battle for our brains, they won the war with OK Computer. Your daughter won't ask you who Radiohead were, she'll know. The "stoodents" prevail
    'The Bends' came in 9th on the 'Top 50 Albums of the Century' list at Virgin.net. 
    Belgian radiostation 'Studio Brussel' is holding its annual list of the best 150 songs of the last 40 years. Radiohead made the list several times: Street Spirit (#22), Paranoid Android (#25), Karma Police (#52) and Fake Plastic Trees (#120). 
    Following yesterdays story on the Top 90 of the 90's, Undercover conducted a snap poll to see how you rated the best of the decade.
    Thanks to the hundreds of people who responded at such short notice.
    Without a doubt, the Top album of the decade as polled by Undercover readers goes to Radiohead's 'O.K. Computer'.
    Radiohead have topped the Undercover top album poll for three years running now.
    1. Radiohead 'O.K. Computer'2. Jeff Buckley 'Grace'3. Nirvana 'Nevermind'4. Live 'Throwing Copper' 5. Radiohead 'The Bends' 6. Pearl Jam 'Ten' 7. Metallica 'Metallica' 8. Korn "Korn'
    9. The Verve 'Urban Hymns'10. silverchair 'Neon Ballroom'
    The 'Best Spins of the Decade'? 
    1. Nirvana - Nevermind (1991) 2. Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet (1990) 3. PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love (1995) 4. Beck - Odelay (1996) 5. Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted (1992) 6. Hole - LiveThrough This (1994) 7. Bjork - Post (1995) 8. Dr. Dre - The Chronic (1992) 9. Radiohead - OK Computer (1997) 10. Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole (1997(bigmouth)
    There is a mini-feature on the upcoming Radiohead album in the latest issue of Select Magazine (February 2000) with Thom on the cover
    Radiohead Guitarist's Online Diary Gives Glimpse Of New LP
    Radiohead are providing a treat for anyone curious about the recording process: Their guitarist is keeping an online diary of the sessions for the British art-rock band's next album, expected to be released in May or June.
    In the diary's record of the sessions for the follow-up to 1997's OK Computer, Ed O'Brien expresses elation when lead singer Thom Yorke plays a song the diarist thinks sounds "great." But he gets frustrated at a later session, saying the band is "essentially in limbo," when what he considers unproductive talk gets in the way of music-making.
    Nightshift: <<THE BEST AND WORST OF TIMES - Local pop people pick their pickled peck of prominent pop moments This month: Radiohead's Ed O'Brien. - BEST EVER GIG IN OXFORD: Arthur Turner's Lovechild at the Jericho Tavern in 1992 - top tunes delivered as only ATL can. 'Telescope' was simply awesome. WORST EVER GIG IN OXFORD: On A Friday at that gig in the pub in Osney - five people there and Nigel Powell (him of Unbelievable Truth) didn't know there was an off switch for the smoke machine.>>
    Phil ( Melody Maker): "We're just beavering away in the studio on new material and we hope to have something out there in the next century." Phil took part in a drumathon in Oxford, and he was asked about the current activities of the band. He said that no live dates are confirmed.(August 99)
    The current issue of JETLAG Magazine (http://www.jetlagmag.com) includes an interview with Stanley Donwood who does the artwork and an analysis of the OK Computer world.
    Q readers name the 100 Greatest Stars of the 20th Century 
    When Q magazine readers were asked to chew their pencils, scratch their heads and drum their fingers in a bid to name the 100 Greatest Stars of the 20th Century, the response came thick and fast. British artists did outstandingly well garnering a whopping 46 per cent of the vote, with 41 per cent of stars originating in the US and 13 from elsewhere on the globe. 
    So who soared above mere mortals to reach the number one spot? Here's the top 20 for your immediate consumption, but if you want the whole enchilada subscribe to the August issue of Q. 
    1. John Lennon 2. Paul McCartney 3. Kurt Cobain 4. Bob Dylan 5. Elvis Presley 6. David Bowie 7. Madonna 8. Noel Gallagher 9. Liam Gallagher 10. Michael Stipe 11. Keith Richards 12. Bob Marley 13. Freddie Mercury 14. Frank Sinatra 15. Jimi Hendrix 16. Thom Yorke 17. Aretha Franklin 18. Bono 19. James Brown 20. Brian Wilson.... (Q magazine)
    Guitarecollector's,#18 de Mars/Avril/Mai. est un magazine technique et son édition de Avril/Mai/Juin est consacrée à Radiohead. Avec des extraits de partitions de pas mal de chansons et un CD avec des exercices pour apprendre à jouer de la guitare comme Radiohead. Il va y avoir plein de guitaristes français dans leurs garages qui vont beaucoup suer sur leurs guitares pour savoir jouer comme Jonny ! Les photos ne sont pas récentes, le petit historique du groupe semble entièrement copié de sites internet, mais l'article qui analyse la musique de Radiohead dans toutes ses composantes est excellent.
    (L. Boisnard-Paris)
    Rocksound Spain
    El numero de febrero de la revista Rocksound en su edicion española dedica tres paginas al concierto de Radiohead en Paris, con buenas fotos. Y ademas hay un reportaje sobre velvet Goldmine
    Q Magazine
    The 100 greatest singles of all time
    33 Creep
    22 Paranoid Android
    Radiohead France
    Malgré une activité inexistante en France durant l'année 98, Radiohead apparait dans le référendum de fin d'année des Inrockuptibles (numéro 179, 23 décembre 98 au 5 janvier 99) : - Meilleur groupe : 5ème Radiohead - Meilleur chanteur : 4ème Thom Yorke - Espoir 1999 : 4ème Radiohead
    Meilleur single : 5ème Drugstore "El President", -
    Meilleur album jazz : 1er Brad Mehldau
    Inrockuptibles : <<WAR CHILD, l'association humanitaire britannique créée en 95 pour récolter des fonds en faveur des enfants de Bosnie, devrait à nouveau faire appel, d'une façon non-encore définie, à la générosité de ses concitoyens pour aider les jeunes victimes du conflit kossovar. Il y à quatre ans, War Child avait été l'instigatrice du projet Help, compilation pour laquelle se mobilisa une quinzaine d'artistes issus de la scène rock anglaise Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, Charlatans, Orbital, Stone Roses, P.J. Harvey, Oasis, Paul Weller etc. et véritable succès commercial dont les bénéfices permirent à l'association de fournir vêtements, vivres et médicaments aux enfants bosniaques.15 avril 1999>
    NME : <<Meanwhile, War Child, the charity that raised funds for to help children of nearby Bosnia during the conflict there in 1995 are currently planning an effort to help young victims of the conflict of Kosovo. Four years ago, the charity asked The Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, Oasis, Suede, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Paul Weller, Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Terrorvision and Portishead to record tracks for the highly successful "Help" CD. Full details of the new campaign will be revealed IN NME in the next couple of week. 13 April 1999>>
    Top News John Lennon, whose albums with The Beatles almost always head all-time Top 10s, has hit number one in a new poll in his own right - as the greatest singer of all time.
    Yet the late rock legend's former band-mate Paul McCartney, with whom Lennon shared vocal duties, weighs in at only number seven of the top 100 singers compiled by Mojo magazine.
    Half of the stars in the Top 10 - including Elvis Presley, at number two, and Frank Sinatra, at number four - are dead.
    Lennon, who had his first hit with Give Peace A Chance 30 years ago, while The Beatles were in a state of flux, was shot dead in New York outside his apartment in 1980.
    His death helped to propel his single (Just Like) Starting Over to the top of the charts and became his first solo number one. Two others, Imagine and Woman, followed.
    Van Morrison is just outside the all-time Top 10 at number 11, while David Bowie is at 13 and Mick Jagger at 16.
    The choices in the poll are clearly the works of music aficionados rather than the casual pop listener.
    Nick Drake, Captain Beefheart, Peter Green are chosen in preference to chart stars such as Michael Jackson and George Michael.
    But many contemporary artists do make the grade, with Liam Gallagher of Oasis, Thom Yorke of Radiohead and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe figuring in the list.
    The Top 10: 1 John Lennon, 2 Elvis Presley, 3 Aretha Franklin, 4 Frank Sinatra, 5 Bob Dylan, 6 Roy Orbison, 7 Paul McCartney, 8 Otis Redding, 9 Robert Plant, 10 Ray Charles.
    Q. Dans une interview dans l'édition de mai 1999 du magazine Q, Michael Stipe a répondu à une question posée par un lecteur : Q : What is you favourite Radiohead song ? MS : I heard something new yesterday that was fantastic. That's all I'm going to give you. Other than that, Lucky. It's a beautiful song.
    MTV USA's 120 Minutes showed a scene from Meeting People is Easy last night, from near the end of the film where the song Palo Alto is played. On May 2nd, the show will have an hour devoted to Radiohead showing more clips from the film.
    The transcript of the recent Sonicnet chat with Grant Gee (Meeting People is Easy director) is now up to read 
  • Radiohead Film Focuses On Dark Side Of Rock Spotlight Documentary chronicling band's 1997-98 world tour paints austere picture of fame. 
  • Radiohead are currently working on the follow-up to "OK Computer," which was certified platinum in the U.S. (1 million copies shipped). No release date for the new album has been set. Billboard
    les charts Inrockuptibles/Fnac 
    (i.e. meilleurs ventes dans les magasins Fnac de France publiées dans Les Inrockuptibles #188 du 3 au 9 mars 99), la réédition de "My Iron Lung" est entrée à la 33ème place
    La revista Mondo Sonoro ha realizado una lista de los mejores discos de la decada. OK Computer esta en el numero 16. Califican a radiohead de "apasionante ente creativo" y al album de intimista y oscuro.
    Estrenada en españa velvet Golmine
    El suplemento tentaciones de El pais le dedico un reportaje
    RADIOHEAD have made an unexpected appearance on the new single by Oxford synth-experimenters SPU.N.K.L.E ALL STARS.
    The band have been sampled from a rare early performance at Oxford's Jericho Tavern in December 1992 where they performed covers of GLEN CAMPBELL's 'Rhinestone Cowboy', THE BEATLES' 'Money' and their own interpretation of 'Hooked On Classics' - a medley of classical favourites set to a disco beat.
    The SPU.N.K.L.E single 'Where Will You Be This Christmas?' (out on Shifty Disco) focuses particularly on THOM YORKE's between-song banter, including Thom saying: "And now, to further our argument that pop is dead..." before he launches into the 'Hooked On Classics'-style instrumental.
    A spokeswoman for Radiohead told NME: "We get calls every day about people doing Radiohead stuff in one way or another. Honestly, they're really not bothered."
    The performance was part of a series of concerts, where up-and-coming Oxford bands perform covers of old songs.
    Mike D, Thom Yorke & DJ Shadow Join Handsome Boy Modeling School
    The Handsome Boy Modeling School sounds like a front for a NAMBLA command center. Thankfully, it's only an ultra-bizarre name for an experimental, hip-hop-skewed album created by Bay Area DJs/producers Dan "The Automator" Nakamura and Prince Paul. The album, due out next April on Tommy Boy, will feature an all-star cast of trendy urban technicians, MCs, indie and electronica bedfellows, and alt-giants, such as DJ Shadow, Beastie Boy Mike D, Alec Empire and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke -- all too old and hairy in the wrong places to join an actual handsome boy modeling school. According to Nakamura, the "hip-hop textured" album will consist of between fifteen to twenty "things," some of which will be skits, and the rest songs. "It's not necessarily gonna be a big singles record or anything," he says. "But it's gonna be a cool record, I hope. I mean, so far the cuts we've done, I like 'em." Right now, eleven tracks -- all produced by Nakamura (Cornershop's When I Was Born For the 7th Time) and Prince Paul (De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising) are in various stages of completion, with Mike D and Cibo Matto vocalist Miho Hatori collaborating on a song called "Metaphysical," German underground legend Alec Empire and indie hip-hop trio Company Flow providing flows on "Megaton B-Boy," and DJ Shadow and Mixmaster Mike doing justice to "Holy Calamity." Other artists making contributions to the album include Brand Nubian's Maxwell "Grand Puba" Dixon and Derrick "Sadat X" Murphy, Ice Cube's cousin Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Chinese-Canadian DJ Kid Koala, and unofficial Beastie Boy Money Mark. While the Modeling School project progresses, Nakamura, Prince Paul and Dust Brother Mike Simpson are juggling another more mainstream brainchild called the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. "Generally, we've been designating Mike as the ugly," jokes Nakamura. Under the trio's guidance, Cornershop and De La Soul have already recorded their contributions to the album, with future cameos expected from Beck and Wu-Tang Clan's RZA. Altogether, Nakamura expects between eight to ten vocal tracks on the album, which is slated for a release on Dreamworks some time next fall. "It's a little more up the middle than [the Handsome Boy Modeling School]," he says. BLAIR R. FISCHER (December 4, 1998) http://www.jamtv.com,
    Radiohead and Bush have turned down offers to headline Lollapalooza '99. "We've had ongoing discussions with [Marilyn] Manson's management," said a festival organizer, "but it hasn't progressed anywhere beyond that." Meanwhile, Radiohead's Thom Yorke says fame is "bollocks" in Radiohead's Meeting People Is Easy film, which premiered in the U.K. Monday. SonicNet
    ...RADIOHEAD have issued a statement distancing themselves from the LA play 'The Untitled Radiohead Project'.
    This follows reports from several US web sites last weekend that the theatre director responsible for the work had received a telephone call from Warner Chappell music, Radiohead's publishers, threatening to place an injunction on the play.
    The statement from the band read:
    "The band knew nothing about the play until it had opened and reviews had started to come in.
    "The script of the play is made up entirely of Radiohead lyrics, and the main character's name is Thom.
    "Neither Radiohead nor Warner Chappell, were approached for permission to use the lyrics.
    "They were upset that no attempt had been made to ask for, or obtain permission from themselves or their publisher, something that would have been at least courteous. 
    "However, the band do not want to enforce closure of the show. The play will be allowed to run, on the understanding that the proceeds are going to charity(NME)
    Play Built Around Radiohead Lyrics Wins Raves
    Thurs., November 19, 9:04 PM EST ]
    Director Says Radiohead Play Facing Early Curtain
    Claims project inspired by British art-rock band endangered by publisher who owns rights to group's lyrics.
    Radiohead Show Will Go On Despite Raising Band's Ire British art-rockers are distancing themselves from play based on group's lyrics but will allow it to continue. 
    Singer Thom Yorke of the British rock-band Radiohead might not be happy about having his sometimes claustrophobic lyrics made into the text of a play, but the group's frontman and his bandmates are making no move to stop its production.

    Michael Stipe dans Les Inrockutibles n°171 : <<...Ce que [la musique] m'apporte ne vient pas forcément de REM, de mes chansons, mais peut venir de Vic Chesnutt ou Grant Lee Buffalo, Radiohead, Patti Smith, U2, William Orbit ou d'autres encore. Madonna, Bono, Thom Yorke...Je les appelle pour les engueuler d'avoir écrits des chansons qui m'impressionnent, pour les prévenir que je vais faire mieux qu'eux. Il y a une compétition amicale entre nous.(merci Laurence)
    Press 2000
    Press 2001
    Press 97
    Radiohead Cover Press
    OK Computer press
    Reportaje Premiere Barcelona
    Noize mag Special page
    Prensa japonesa 
    Radiohead France
    Entrevista con Thom Yorke
    Radiohead en Raygun Magazine
    Les Inrockuptibles


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